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Monday, April 18, 2011


So I sometimes look up craft blogs to get ideas and one of the blogs is hosting a giveaway for an Epic Six press lettering system. It makes super cute crafts and for an entry I need to share this with people on my blog, facebook, or twitter. Go over to this website to take a look and enter the contest for yourself! Thanks everyone!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello again blog!

Okay time for a huge update. I really have no excuse other than, I have no internet, no time, and no interest really in keeping up with my blog! Nothing interesting has happened since Chris and I got married. We are both just going to school and doing homework and living the grand life of being married. Kinda lame right? Well, I can say that nursing school is going great with me. I'm passing which is fantastic right! I have two more clinicals this semester, one more concept map to do, two more tests to complete, zero more clin sims to do, one diabetic clinic, four community service hours (for diabetic clinic) one weekend of relay for life, one final, and then IT'S SUMMER BREAK!!!! Needless to say, I'm so excited for summer break. And next semester classes aren't until one in the afternoon so I can actually accomplish something in the mornings, or go to work and earn money or something like that. Chris is taking online classes, very difficult for him, especially cause we don't have internet so its even more difficult to keep up with his classes. He got promoted to full time at The Home Depot and is the lead generator, so if you need installs for roofing, siding, flooring, doors, window, etc, he's the man to talk to! Alright what else. I haven't been doing very much in the food storage department, I'm going to be canning turkey soon, Oh I did can some beef stew and butter so I guess I have been doing something. I will have to post about those soon. I have mostly just been buying bulk stuff, like beans, rice, flour, sugar, things like that because the way the economy is going I don't know how long i'm going to be able to afford those things! Chris and I are also the sunbeam teachers at church. We have a blast with them! We teach six boys, which can get kind of crazy and out of hand sometimes, but we have a good time. We are going to have a new niece in the family in September! Congrats Anna!! We are super excited about this! (still no kids from us though, at least not until I'm done with school, or almost done! Sorry!!) A couple of weeks ago, we found five baby kittens underneath our house! They are super super cute and almost ready to give away, thank goodness! My parents also got a cute little puppy named Oscar. He is a blast and he loves me! (Today he followed me into my house, which is a no-no but he's so cute I let it be okay for today!!) Anyway, I just wanted people to know that Chris and I are still alive. Maybe I will be able to blog more once my schedule starts getting back to normal again. We are basically loving married life and are ready for summer to start so we can have a break from school!