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Friday, July 23, 2010

Mud Bogging Fun

On Wednesday night, it rained pretty hard here in T town and I live on a farm so there was lots of mud everywhere. I went to work on Thursday and my brother called me at about 4:30 and said, "Andie, we have the 4 wheelers ready. When are you going to be home?!" I told him I get off at 5 and that they can go ahead and start going.
This is what I came home too. Two boys and two 4 wheelers all covered in mud!

Then, of course, they wanted me to come with them. I said I was not going with my nice clothes on, cause I just got home from work. So, I went and changed my clothes (I really didn't want to get all muddy. So I was kinda taking my time.)
Chris said, "Do a goofy face!" I did, He didn't. Go figure!

The sun was right in our eyes after we were done!
We had a fun time going in the mud and getting dirty. I was glad I went, even though as soon as we were done, I rinsed my clothes off outside, ran inside as fast as I could, and got in the shower to get the rest of the mud off of me! We had a good time though!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Wedding...

#1. Shoutout to my cousin Ashley. She is designing my announcements, and what she has just started with is AWESOME!!! I'm super excited to see them when they are completely finished!!!

#2. Dress shopping....DONE! Yahoo! I went to three different dress shops, and loved one dress at each place. The first place...dress to small, will take six to eight weeks to order a new one in. Bummer. Second place, Dress SUPER huge. I mean, I'm size 14, this was a 20, but it was very beautiful!!! We went to the last place, weren't very impressed with the way we were greeted and stuff, and then the lady came over to help us, and she was AMAZING!!! I tried on only 3 dresses at that place, they all fit PERFECTLY! and the one I liked the best, was the second one, but I didn't love it because it didn't have sleeves on it. So we tried on the 3rd dress and the more that lady was talking to me, the more I realized I could make that dress work. YES! So, I called my amazing grandma, who is a great seamstress and asked her if it would be possible to make some sleeves and the back a little taller, and she said, "Of course!" So, that was the dress we got. Another plus, the dress that I got PLUS the veil, shoes, poofy skirt, and little bra thingy, and the jacket to make the sleeves, was less than the second place dress only! We left pretty happy! And when I tried it on for my grandma the next day, I loved it even more! Whew. And it wasn't even that stressful!

#3. All the paper goods are bought for the reception/party afterwards. It's gonna be great!

#4. Working on the sign in book/scrapbook for the reception/party. It's going to be great also! Chris is "helping" me. Okay, really, my mom is doing the majority of the work. I just say yes or no haha! But it's turning out awesome!

#5. Wedding bands bought. And they are what Chris wanted, and they match and its great!

#6. Bridal shower. Okay, I'm having two of them. One is going to be a "close friend/young people party" and the other one is going to be with my aunts and grandmas and all that! So if you want to come to the "fun/lingerie" party, let either me or Collette know!

#7. Cake. I found someone in my ward who is going to make my cake for me, and also help my mom decorate. Shoutout to Sister Warren for being so creative!

#8. Photographer. I finally found a photographer! Yay! I still need to call him, but he has been contacted and said he would love to do them! Everything is finally starting to fall into place. I feel like now I can start nursing school and survive my first semester.

#9. I love Chris and I can't wait until we are married for eternity! It's going to be great!

Monday, July 12, 2010


My cousin Lisa is coming home from her mission TOMORROW!!!! Ahh what an exciting time! We are going to party it up folks!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Funny Story

Today I called the temple to reserve our day to get sealed. I called about a month ago, but the temple called back and said that the computer had kicked all of our information out! They told me to call back today and schedule everything and it shouldn't kick it out. So I called the temple and the lady that answered said that the day I wanted and that time were already reserved for someone. I was like, "Wow, that day must be popular already!" So we went through the other times that were available, and we decided on a different time, and as I was telling the lady our information, my mom said, "Hey, just ask her and see if you are already the one scheduled on that day." So I asked her, and lo and behold, I was the one that was scheduled on that day at that time! So stress is off, I have the day and time that I want! Wahoo!! I just thought that it was kinda funny. It's kinda puzzling though because the computer kicked all my information out, and then they had everything that they needed today when I called again. Oh well! I guess I'm supposed to get married at that time on that day! Also, I found a wedding dress I hope! I still have to try it on and make sure it fits and everything, but a nice girl in my mom's ward is going to let me borrow her dress! I am super excited!! And it is beautiful!! Hopefully it works!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dear June

Dear June,

You flew by in a flash. During your time in 2010, you took my mom and wedding planner/consulant away to Girls Camp, Oklahoma for a weekend, and to Florida for a week. She was also called to be relief society president which is going to consume lots of her time and energy.

Also during your month, I took my CNA test, which took up lots and lots of hours studying and practicing skills, but now I'm a CNA so I guess that I will forgive you for that stress.

You also passed the 100 day mark until I get married to Chris, which puts us into the double digits of the countdown to plan everything and get everything done, but since my mom was gone for the majority of your month, I was unable to get very many things done. And now, it is July and school starts in one month and two weeks and I will have no more time to finish planning my wedding going to nursing school.

So now June, you have put me in a very stressful situation trying to plan my wedding to Chris. Hopefully everything goes good and will be put together well and not last minute.

Andrea Ferrin