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Thursday, May 28, 2009

CT Scan Results...

So last night my doctor called me a little before 6 and told me he had my results back from my CT Scan. He said that where my pain was at looks good, but they found a dark spot on my liver so now I have to go and have an MRI done to get a closer look at my liver and make sure nothing is going on there. Other than that I'm still on stomach medication so help keep the pain down and hopefully the MRI goes good. It isn't scheduled yet and I don't know when it will be. As soon as it happens I will let everyone know.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Health Update

Today I went in for my CT Scan and it was AWFUL!!! Don't get one if you don't have too! I had to be on a 4 hour fast before I went in so the first thing I did today was I woke up at 6 o'clock this morning to drink some nasty barium liquid vanilla flavored nastiness for two hours before I even left for the hospital to do the test. When I got to the hospital I filled out my paperwork (why I was having a CT Scan...what has been hurting...when's my date of birth etc) and about 5 minutes after I was done filling out the paperwork they called me back to start the scan. I sat down on the bed and the man that was working told me what we were going to be doing, an iodine contrast scan, and said that we needed to start an IV for the iodine and also in case I had an allergic reaction. He tried to start the IV in my forearm and missed my vein and got another nurse who tried in my other arm next to my elbow, twice, and searched around in there for about 15 minutes and didn't find the vein. So the man went and got one more nurse to try and start the IV and she looked and kept looking until she found one and THEN she poked it right about where my thumb bone meets my wrist. It was a deep vein, but she finally got it so they hooked up the rest of the IV and as soon as that was hooked up we started the scan. The machine would talk to me and tell me when to breathe and to hold my breath and the scan took less than 5 minutes. When they put the iodine in me it made my body feel like it was on fire and I felt like passing out...the first time that has happened to me (feeling like passing out). It was the weirdest feeling ever! When the test was all finished the lab guy had me sit on the side of the bed and bandaged all my "poke sites" and gave me the instructions for after the procedure. I went to work and then I went shopping with my mom, not having eaten anything from the fast I had to be on, and almost passed out in the middle of Wal Mart. That was exciting. So pretty much now all we are waiting for is the results to make sure I'm going to live. That will come in at the beginning of next week, when I am at girls camp so it will be a while before I update.

Monday, May 18, 2009


So this past week I have been to the doctor twice to figure out what is wrong with me. On Wednesday I woke up with this weird pain in the left upper side of my stomach and it kept getting worse and worse. On Thursday we called the doctor and went in and he said he didn't know what was wrong with me. He said it could either be a swollen stomach or a swollen spleen. In my head I was thinking, "Uh neither one of those sound very fun doc." So he gave me a perscription and ordered some blood tests to be done. I went and got all of those and scheduled a follow up for Monday morning. All weekend the pain would be okay in the morning and by the time nighttime would come around it was awful. So I went in on Monday morning to see what my test results said and the pain wasn't too bad. Even the doctor said I wasn't as tender as I was on Thursday. The blood results came back normal so he is even more puzzled. He said that it could've just been a viral infection or it could be a pulled muscle. He told us that we could either do nothing about it and see if it gets better or we could do a CT scan just to make sure nothing is gonig on inside that shouldn't be. So next week I get to go in for a CT scan just to make sure I'm normal and nothing is going to explode inside of me. Hopefully everything turns out okay. I'm still alive. That's all that matters right now!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Best Friend

My best friend in the entire world is Christopher Aaron Carrell. He has been my best friend/boyfriend for the past two and a half years. Although he has been serving his mission for the past year and a half of that. He is serving his mission in the Brazil Rio de Janeiro North Mission which is going to be changing to a different name sometime soon. He has loved serving his mission and I love that he is going to be coming home in December! I am really glad he decided to serve his mission though. It's been the best thing that has happened to him. He has learned a ton and I'm happy for him. He got to call on Mother's Day and he is doing good. We had a couple of good laughs when a good friend of my family came over to his families house with my sister to talk. A little about him. His favorite colors are orange and blue. One of his favorite foods is frozen pizza and pumpkin pie. He loves his family and the church. He loves playing golf (that one I don't understand) He loves doing things with his hands, whether it is building houses from construction work, building a swing set, or a chicken coop or anything else. One of the best things that ever happened to him was moving to Thatcher AZ and meeting a bunch of good friends that have stood by him and made him want to be better. And of course meeting me! These are some pictures of him from his mission.