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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Week

When I was little and in school there used to be this book called "Harry and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day." I kinda feel like Harry in that book this week. Monday started off good. I went to school and learned and it was great! That night we even set the trap to trap the skunk that was living under the trailer and caught it! And then it roasted in the sun on Tuesday so we didn't even have to drown it! (little blessings. it was a blessing indeed!) Tuesday was the worst day in the history of the world! I passed/failed one of my skills tests. (Its hard to explain because I passed everything except I did one technique wrong so I failed, and had to remediate, which is just awful and embarrasing!) And Tuesday, Chris and I also got in a teeny fight because I told him he smelled like a skunk when he wanted to give me a hug. I felt really bad and told him I was just stressed out from my test and I didn't think I was going to be a good nurse and cried and had my meltdown and was fine! Wendesday I had a test, so on Tuesday night I was studying, and halfway through studying (like almost 2 hours into studying) I realized I was studying the wrong chapter. So on the good side, I guess I'm halfway ready for my test for next week! I went in on Wednesday and took my test and I actually think that I passed it. There may have been 2 questions that I missed, but I got one of the bonus questions right, so I may have only missed 1 question. Then I sat in school from 8 to 4 and was tired and exhausted and then came home to study for the test I had to go and retake. Thursday (today) wasn't quite as bad. I went to school at 7 and woke up with a super huge headache. We learned today how to put in NG tubes (nasogastric tube, where the tube goes into the nose and down into the stomach and nurses are able to feed patients that way.) There were a ton of students that actually volunteered in my class (don't worry, I was NOT one of them. I figured with as bad as my week had been, I would probably get the tube in my lung or something like that) and that was pretty fun! I wish I would have been more brave though and volunteered to put one in somebody, however, I was a chicken and just practiced on the easy manequin. (I don't know how to spell that!) I'm thinking that this week has been so awful because I'm going through the temple tomorrow and its going to be a great experience and I think there has just been a lot of adversity for me. I have never had such a hard week of school ever in my life. I hope that after tomorrow I will be able to get through the rest of school with hardly any problems. Now I need to figure out how to upload pictures up here!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some things kinda annoy me...even though they shouldn't

Like... people asking me how many days until I get married. The answer today: 19. And tomorrow it will be 18. And then the response: Oh how cute, you guys are counting. Like we are two year olds counting down to Christmas, and like its a bad thing. And then the all stupid question...Are you guys excited? If we weren't excited we wouldn't be getting married....DUH!!! Seriously, I've been in the "singles ward/college ward" for two years. I'm ready to be out of it and moving on with life. I seriously think it's like in the movie Singles Ward II and the girl gets engaged and all the other girls have daggers in their eyes like the engaged girl is now an outcast. Ya some Sundays that pretty much how I feel. Needless to say, I only have one more week in the singles ward and I'm really excited about it! Even though I'm going to miss it because it has been fun, I'm ready to move onto bigger and better things...including getting the wedding over and focusing on school. And if you ask me if I'm excited, I will answer yes, and that isn't going change if you ask me 10 minutes later.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

4:38 AM dilemma

I wonder if this happens to anyone else besides me. Everynight before I go to bed, I always drink at least one big huge gigantic glass of water. And sometimes I drink two! And I always wake up one hour before my alarm is going to go off to wake me up for the day. My dilemma is always the same, "Do I get up now and go to the bathroom, or do I just go back to sleep and wait for my alarm to go off?" Sometimes, it is a serious decision. And today, it happened at 4:38 AM.

Onto a more happier note....only 22 more days until I am no longer Andrea Ferrin. Kinda crazy right?! I hope it comes fast and stress free!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

24 Days and Counting

In 24 days, I will no longer be single. It's kinda scary but exciting at the same time! I just want it to be here already. I'm done planning everything. I wish that everything would just fall into place and be done! Poof. Like as if my fairy godmother came and did everything for everyone! That would be great! Man, if only my life were a fairytale.
I will soon be joining the marriage club with my other two cousins who got married this summer also! It has been a Ferrin family wedding summer that's for sure!! It's been fun!

Friday, September 10, 2010


I have noticed that since school has started, I haven't had much to update on! I haven't done any canning, or bought anything for our food supply. (I know, I've been bad.) However, I am passing nursing school!! Yay! I have taken two tests and passed them both, next week I have two tests, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Eek! Kinda nervous for that, but it will all work out! Okay, so lets do a recap over things that have happened over the last month.

1) School started for both Chris and I. Even though I am taking less classes than Chris, I have like twice as much homework and I have already had 2 tests and he has had NONE!! (dang nursing school anyway, they think we need to be smart and be tested all the time.) I was even so tired on the first day of school that we didn't even take first day of school pictures!!! Bad me. Next semester we will get those taken care of!

2) We went to go and register for our wedding. All I have to say about that is...WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! My friend Kim said that even though it was a waste of time, it was still a fun date night for her and her husband, Chris and I will never never ever ever ever ever register for anything ever again in our entire lives!! (Yes, it was THAT awful!) First of all, we went to Wal Mart to register, and of course, everyone in this town that works at Wal Mart doesn't know how to read or talk or any of that good stuff, so we went to go have the lady help us at the jewelry checkout and we told her what we were doing. All she said to us was, "Oh, I don't know how to do that. I have to call a manager to tell me how." So she called the manager and the manager lady was like, "Well I don't know how to do that either." Not nicely, and in a very snotty tone. So Chris and I were like, Ok, whatever we will leave and we aren't going to register at your store. Well, we forgot our paper that printed out from the machine, went back to pick it up, and I saw the number for the main store manager, so since I was pretty ticked off anyway, I called the number to tell them I was very UNSATISFIED with the store and the workers there. When I called and asked for the manager, she wasn't available and the person I was talking to wouldn't tell me her name, well unless her name was "A WalMart associate", which I don't think it was. Anyway, we decided to wait for someone to come and help us. 20 minutes later, nobody had showed up. The lady in the jewelry checkout said, "I'm sorry, I'm from the shoes department and they needed some help here so I don't know what I'm doing." (Just as a note, don't tell that to someone who is already ticked off and smoke is coming out of the ears!!!) I finally asked Chris for the printout, read the SECOND sentance where the instructors were, and he went up to the lady, said, "Look, this is what the paper says, all we need is the scanner thing." And she gave it to us and we went to register. However, we were both so mad that we didn't register for half of the stuff that we needed and we are too mad to go back and register for anything!! So, pretty much, just send whatever the heck gift you want. If his mom didn't work at Wal Mart in receiving (she's not one of the dumb people that don't know what their doing) then we probably wouldn't shop there anyway. Phew, that was a long story, and a very bad day! We should've just registered at Home Depot.

3) I got my wedding invitations mailed! yahoo!! I don't have to worry about that anymore except for the few people who are barely giving me their addresses. But thats ok. I have tons of leftover invitations! So if someone reads this and wants one, please give me your address. I will send one to you!

4) Chris finished his training as a backup supervisor for work. It was a 6 week course and he had like 6 hours of training each week. I'm glad that he did the program, but I'm soo glad that he is done. Hopefully now he can find a full time opening at home depot and then we won't have to worry about him not working very many hours and we can be able to pay our bills! That's a good thing right?

5) Bridal shower is going to happen on September 25 from 1 until 3 in the afternoon. It's going to be a fun time! So you should come!!

That's all that I can think of for now. Life is busy and always changing! I think tomorrow I'm actually going to do some food storage stuff. We are going to can some apple pie filling! So stay tuned for that! It should be pretty good, unless it ends up not happening because we are busy with other stuff!