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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve

This year for Christmas Eve, it was a little bit different. I went with Chris and his family to their family party at Aunt Vicki's house. It was a blast and there were a ton of people there. I had a good time. I gave every family a jar of pomegranate jelly that I made in October and I gave his aunt's a set of potholders to go with their jelly. They really enjoyed it. It was fun telling everyone how the jelly is made. They thought it was a lot harder to make then what I told them I did! In the middle of the party Chris and I left to go to my house to get a picture with Santa, because Santa comes to our house every Christmas Eve so we can put in our last minute Christmas wishes. We missed Santa coming, but we both got to sit on his lap and tell him what we wanted. It was fun. I also got a fun picture with my favorite cousin Belle. We always have to take a picture together because we are each others favorites! Then the family started the yearly tradition of making sugar cookie stained glass windows. It's really easy to do. You make some sugar cookie dough up and you mold it into a shape that you want and then you get chopped up jolly ranchers to put in the middle and cook the cookie at the temperature the recipe says and watch the jolly ranchers melt. It's a favorite of our family! After the party at Aunt Vicki's house we went over to Chris's house and had a gift exchange with his family. Cheyenne took my horse I got and gave me her sticker packet which I gave to Curtis and Cheyenne to play with. It was a ton of fun. Then Chris and I went to Jake's house to help do some stuff. It was a fun Christmas Eve. (More pictures to come!)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Cousins

This is me and my cousins Jeremy and Jason. Jason just returned home from his mission and it was the first time in almost three years that we were able to get together and hang out. I love these two boys. We are super close and we have a good time whenever we hang out. Oh, and yes they are twins. Jeremy is on the left and Jason is on the right.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Collettes Wedding

On Thursday, December 3 one of my best friends from high school got married. It was probably the best day ever! I woke up and went to my early lab and then Jessica and I left to go on the road to get to Snowflake in time for Collettes wedding. Pretty much, it was really really cold and windy, as it always is in Snowflake. When Collette came out of the temple she looked so beautiful and happy. I am so glad that I was there to witness her coming out of the temple and her happiness. Her and Ty and are great together! The perfect little country couple! Here are all of us friends. The first one has Tyrel in it. We had to be nice and allow him to stay for a couple pictures and then we got our famous girl picture that we take whenever all of us girls get together. Pretty much I love this group of people and it was such a great, fantastic day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So this semester has been a rough one. I have three really boring teachers that all teach from powerpoint and never add anything else into their lectures. I learn more from reading the book than I do from my actual teachers...sad right? So this last week in my Microbiology class, we had a test and we got a copy of an old test, well two actually, and we only studied from those tests and I got my test back and I only missed 3 out of 50 which equals A 94 PERCENT! And the last test that we took, we also got the old tests, only we had like 4 of them and I only missed one (because it was a trick question) and I got 96 PERCENT! And before I started studying from the old tests, I got not that good of grades! So I was very excited! I might actually pass this class with a B which is what I need in order to get into the nursing program! In Chemistry I'm passing with an A which is amazing because I don't pay attention in that class whatsoever. Pathophysiology is a whole different challenge. Luckily the tests are take home tests and I am able to take a week to do them otherwise I would be failing for sure! That's my semester. Only a few more weeks until finals week and then I'm home free! For a couple of weeks. I got a new computer which is great! Oh and only 8 more days until Chris is home!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Gray Kittens Adventure...

This is my kitten. Her name is Little Gray Kitten and she is one of my most favorite kittens in the world. Last week she went missing on Tuesday or Wednesday and i looked and looked all over for her and I finally told my mom that I was pretty sure that she had gotten eaten by the coyotes and she wasn't coming back. Well, on Sunday I was helping Jessica finish getting dinner ready at her mom's house and I get this phone call. It was my mom asking me when all of my meetings are going to be over. I told her and I asked why. She said, "Oh the neighbors called, and" I interrupted her and said, "THEY FOUND MY KITTEN!" and my mom said, "Your kitten took a vacation to their house this week and they have her for you to pick up when you are done with your meetings tonight." Needless to say, I was so excited. I love this kitten so much. My coworker showed me the pictures of the kittens her cat had and I saw this one and knew it had to be mine so I told her that I called the gray one and nobody else could take her. So she saved her just for me. I went to go and pick up my kitten at the neighbors house and she (the neighbor) kept telling me how good of a kitten she was and that she didn't mind taking care of her at all. So the next time my kitten decides on taking a little vacation I know where to look for her first!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Shanna's Reception

My friend Shanna got married this week. I went to her reception and she was glowing! Doesn't she look beautiful?! She has been one of my friends since we were little and I'm so happy for her. I hope that her and Jerome have a happy life together!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Erica Please Don't Kill Me!

Last night I was going with my roommate over to her mom's house to talk and I got this really random picture text from my sister...
with a note underneath it that said "Bwhahaha I'm so bored!" I was like what they heck are you doing haha. Then i got another one a few minutes later.....

And there was another one in between these two but that one takes a little bit longer to explain. Pretty much Jessica and I were dying laughing when we were driving and later when I showed the pictures to Jessica's mom and sister. It was pretty much the best thing that happened yesterday!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Family Home Evenings

I wanted to write this down so I can remember it for a long time. Tonight for family home evening, my aunt Tonie decided to do something a little different. She thought that it would be neat if we had a bonfire and sat around the fire and told family stories. Meme started with a story about her grandmother who lit the chicken coop, the porch, and a skunk on fire! It was a great story! Then my Popa, who doesn't really say too much told us some good stories about when he was growing up and doing chores with his dad and irrigating when his dad fell into the ditch and it was so great learning more about my family and our history. We also had Richard and Missy Bigler come over and they told some of their stories and it was a really fun night. We had "friendship stew" aka, dump stew, hot rolls, s'mores, and birthday cake because it was Julia's birthday today. It was a really fun family home evening and I hope that we can do something like that every year.

Thankful Post

My roommate Jessica's mom had this great idea. She has a wall in her house where everyone has to write one thing they are thankful for everyday on a post it note and stick it on the wall. I thought that was a great idea so for the month of November I'm going to add one or two things I'm thankful for everyday on this post throughout the whole month. This follows the scripture advice found in Alma 34:37-38 "And now, my beloved brethren, I desire that ye should remember these things...that ye humble y ourselves...and that ye live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you." I challenge anyone who reads this post to try and do the same thing. Think of one thing daily that you are thankful for. Then you will be greatly blessed.

1) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
2) My testimony
3) My family
4) The scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon

5) My patriarchal blessing

6) my scholarship for my education

7) Peal and Stick Envelopes

8) Great friends

9) My job

10) Laughter

11) Sunsets

12) The Temple

13) The atonement

14) The word "PATOOTIE" and its complicated spelling

15) Shadow puppets in the middle of the night

16) Roommates that help me out

17) Priesthood blessings

18) Worthy priesthood holders

Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Favorite Song!

Only You Can Love Me This Way
by: Keith Urban

Well, I know there’s a reason
And I know there’s a rhyme
We were meant to be together
That’s why We can roll with the punches
We can stroll hand in hand
And when I say it’s forever
You understand

That you’re always in my heart
You’re always on my mind
And when it all becomes too much
You’re never far behind
And there’s no one that comes close to you
Could ever take your place
‘Cause only you can love me this way

I could’ve turned a different corner
I could’ve gone another place
But I’d a-never had this feeling
That I feel today

And you’re always in my heart
You’re always on my mind
When it all becomes too much
You’re never far behind
And there’s no one that comes close to you
Could ever take your place
‘Cause only can love me this way

Ooooohh… Na na, somebody love you
And you’re always in my heart
You’re always on my mind
And when it all becomes too much
You’re never far behind
And there’s no one that comes close to you
Could ever take your place
‘Cause only you can love me this way
Only you can love me this way

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Outfit for Collette's Wedding!

One of my best friends from high school is getting married in December and she asked me and couple of our other good friends to dress in her colors when she gets married. Her colors are red and black and of course I told her I would dress in her colors. So I go online and I find the cutest skirt in the whole entire world on on sale which is the best thing ever. And I love it so much!
Well then Collette and I were trying to find the perfect sweater to go with the outfit because she is getting married in the beginning of December and in Snowflake and it's cold then and probably will be snowing so we decided to go with a winter sweater. This is the one we found which we liked a lot only we got it in this beautiful red color that matches everything else and it was also on sale, which is a big plus!
And then I was thinking, you know, you can't really wear a new outfit with some old nasty shoes that won't match and so I went to and I found these super cute flats (only they weren't on sale, oh well!) that would go great! I got the other girls to like them also and so we are all probably going to have matching shoes and sweaters!

And lastly, since it is going to be cold there, I thought that some nice red leggings would complete the whole outfit! I found these great leggings at Charlotte Russe for only $3.99 and thought that was a great find for wanting to wear them only once probably! And this is my outfit for when Collette gets married. There may be a little flower in the hair or a bow that matches the red but we will see when it gets closer to the wedding! I'm pretty excited to wear my new outfit though!

Oh and PS the day that Collette gets married is the day that Chris comes home. Pretty much yeah, I'm excited! and I can't wait!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Tradition.

Every year in October on the Monday before Halloween my moms side of the family always gets together and we have dinner, Homemade Chicken and Noodles on top of Mashed Potatoes, yum, and we carve pumpkins. This year was no different except we did everything on Sunday afternoon instead of Monday because there were too many conflicts. Sunday afternoon was actually better because we could spend more time visiting and talking instead of having to rush home to get kids to bed for school the next day. Anyway here are some fun pictures of my family carving pumpkins. Some of them are serious and the rest are us getting ready to put on our "Halloween" faces. Actually not really, we were being silly but it kinda works right! We had a blast like we do every year and hopefully the tradition continues on for a long time!

The man who inspired this pumpkin with the Talley gap!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Roommate night!

Last night my roommates and I decided that we needed to have a little bit of our time because we are all so busy all the time and we never get to see each other. We went and got some movies from Jessica's mom's house and we popped some popcorn with the air popper and put some butter and salt on it and it was delicious! Before we put in the movie we thought it would be cool to make some cupcakes because we had some mixes in our cupboard and some frosting and it would be quick and easy. So we got all the stuff out and started making them. Then we wanted to make what is called a "cupcake tower" with the cupcakes we were making so we planned out what we were going to do and we put food coloring in our frosting. What was cool is the colors were neon and they were all of our favorite colors! My favorite color is pink, Jessica's is purple and Katie's is orange. We also made a green one for Ryan (katie's boyfriend) so that way he wouldn't feel left out even though that isn't is favorite color. Oh well! Our tower turned out so cute and we had a blast making it! Here are our fun pictures telling how the night went down!

Our big huge popcorn bowl!

Our frosting and cupcake batter

Our frosting bowls. All of our favorite colors!

Jessica likes purple!

Katie likes orange!
And I like pink!

The bottom of our cupcake tower.
The bottom and middle of the tower.
And now the green one on top!!
"Which movie should we watch guys!" We decided to watch Sweet Home Alabama.

And with the other cupcakes we decided to make a smily face!
We started the movie at like almost midnight and I was so tired so I went to bed at about 12:20 am (Which is really late for me!) and everyone else...I don't know what they did but we had a fun time and we got to spend some roommate time together even if it was at 10:00 pm!