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Monday, November 2, 2009

Family Home Evenings

I wanted to write this down so I can remember it for a long time. Tonight for family home evening, my aunt Tonie decided to do something a little different. She thought that it would be neat if we had a bonfire and sat around the fire and told family stories. Meme started with a story about her grandmother who lit the chicken coop, the porch, and a skunk on fire! It was a great story! Then my Popa, who doesn't really say too much told us some good stories about when he was growing up and doing chores with his dad and irrigating when his dad fell into the ditch and it was so great learning more about my family and our history. We also had Richard and Missy Bigler come over and they told some of their stories and it was a really fun night. We had "friendship stew" aka, dump stew, hot rolls, s'mores, and birthday cake because it was Julia's birthday today. It was a really fun family home evening and I hope that we can do something like that every year.

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