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Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Gray Kittens Adventure...

This is my kitten. Her name is Little Gray Kitten and she is one of my most favorite kittens in the world. Last week she went missing on Tuesday or Wednesday and i looked and looked all over for her and I finally told my mom that I was pretty sure that she had gotten eaten by the coyotes and she wasn't coming back. Well, on Sunday I was helping Jessica finish getting dinner ready at her mom's house and I get this phone call. It was my mom asking me when all of my meetings are going to be over. I told her and I asked why. She said, "Oh the neighbors called, and" I interrupted her and said, "THEY FOUND MY KITTEN!" and my mom said, "Your kitten took a vacation to their house this week and they have her for you to pick up when you are done with your meetings tonight." Needless to say, I was so excited. I love this kitten so much. My coworker showed me the pictures of the kittens her cat had and I saw this one and knew it had to be mine so I told her that I called the gray one and nobody else could take her. So she saved her just for me. I went to go and pick up my kitten at the neighbors house and she (the neighbor) kept telling me how good of a kitten she was and that she didn't mind taking care of her at all. So the next time my kitten decides on taking a little vacation I know where to look for her first!

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