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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So this semester has been a rough one. I have three really boring teachers that all teach from powerpoint and never add anything else into their lectures. I learn more from reading the book than I do from my actual teachers...sad right? So this last week in my Microbiology class, we had a test and we got a copy of an old test, well two actually, and we only studied from those tests and I got my test back and I only missed 3 out of 50 which equals A 94 PERCENT! And the last test that we took, we also got the old tests, only we had like 4 of them and I only missed one (because it was a trick question) and I got 96 PERCENT! And before I started studying from the old tests, I got not that good of grades! So I was very excited! I might actually pass this class with a B which is what I need in order to get into the nursing program! In Chemistry I'm passing with an A which is amazing because I don't pay attention in that class whatsoever. Pathophysiology is a whole different challenge. Luckily the tests are take home tests and I am able to take a week to do them otherwise I would be failing for sure! That's my semester. Only a few more weeks until finals week and then I'm home free! For a couple of weeks. I got a new computer which is great! Oh and only 8 more days until Chris is home!

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