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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun in Holbrook!

So this last weekend my roommate Jessica, my cousin Jeremy, and I got invited to go to a Young Single Adult activity in a small town called Joseph City. We stayed at my aunt's house in Holbrook which is like 10 minutes away from Joseph City. It was a lot of fun! While we were there we were able to go to the Snowflake Temple with some friends from EA. Tanner Gilliland and Bryan Fleming are the ones in the pictures below! But there were a bunch of other people that were there with us as well. Me and Jessica
Jeremy and Jessica
Jeremy and I
Tanner and IBryan and I
Bryan, me, and Tanner
Bryan, Me, Tanner, and Jessica
Jessica, Jeremy, and I

My cousin Alannah was so happy for me to get there. We got to my aunt's house really late on Friday night and Laney wanted to wait up for me to get there. My aunt finally had to tell her to go to bed and I would be there when she woke up. She drew me a picture of me and her that was on the door when we got there haha! After we got back from the temple, Alannah was so happy we were back! All she wanted to do was play with us. We woke up and did three puzzles with her and she kept asking me to give her a bath or do her hair and she kept tickling Jeremy, which was really funny. When we went to church on Sunday she sat by us and she wrote a note with a bunch of jibberish written on it and I asked her what it said and she said, quote no joke "I love you. Get married. Old fart!" I asked her who she wrote it for and she pointed over to Jeremy and then said "But don't tell him right now. Tell him later!" (She is 5 years old and way wiser than her age haha!) She also drew some pretty funny pictures for me! I love her so much! She's one of my favorites that's for sure!

Alannah and Me

Before we went to the Young Single Adult activity we went to Pizza Hut to eat with our friends Katie Layden and Ryan Humes. Katie is going to be our roommate next semester and yes they are dating! These pictures were so funny but I'm only going to post the most funny ones haha! Pretty much there is a story to all of them so maybe I can get the ones that captures the story behind them haha!

The serious one
And finally a presentable one haha!
I didn't get any pictures at the YSA activity but I will tell about it anyway. It was an 8 stake activity, and there weren't very many people there haha! It was really fun though. They had tag baseball, a sand volleyball game, a dunking tank, a slip n slide, and lots of other activities. At first we didn't want to get wet because it was soooo windy at the temple but it wasn't too bad at the activity so we went on the slip n slide quite a few times and then Jeremy told me that he wanted to dunk me in the dunking tank and I said "Heck...okay! But only if I can dunk you too!" So since I'm short it took me quite a while to figure out a way to sit on the little seat thing to get dunked and when I finally got up there it took Ryan only one try to dunk me into the tank and then it took me forever to get BACK up so that way Jeremy could dunk me haha! Jeremy dunked me on the second try! It was funny! So then there wasn't a step inside the tank so Jessica was my stepping stool to get out of it haha! We were pretty good intertainment for whoever was watching! So then Jeremy got in, and I have awful aim so I knew I wouldn't hit it to get him in! I threw the ball three times and I went to go and pick the balls up and slipped in the real watery part and twisted my ankle pretty good so I had Ryan dunk him for me. And of course he is so tall that when he fell in his head didn't go under...where I fell completely under and was covered by like a lot of water haha! So then we went and got ready for the dance. Well Jeremy and I did. We only went to the dance for a little while because we didn't want to stay very long and we had to go and pick up Jessica anyway so that was our excuse haha! Katie's dad made us fajitas for dinner. It was very yummy! Then I was so exhausted that night that I fell asleep within like 5 minutes of laying down. Jessica and Jeremy stayed up to watch a movie but I was out for the whole entire thing. We went to church on Sunday and drove home Sunday afternoon. Driving home was an adventure in itself haha! You had to be there though to understand. It was pretty grand! That was our trip to Holbrook. We made that little town have a crazy weekend! And we had a blast getting to see old friends and make some new ones!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weddings and Receptions

This past weekend was very full of friends getting married and going to receptions. The first reception I went to was on Friday night and it was for my good friend Cathy Burrell, now Kieffer. She got married on Thursday June 11. She is such an example to me and she is awesome! She looked very beautiful and happy at her reception! The first two are of Jessica Cathy and me and in the last picture we allowed Jerryd to jump in also!The second wedding reception I went to was Briana Ward. Briana and I went to High School together and she graduated two years before I did. One summer we had a pioneer trek for church and Briana and I were the only two girls in our "family" with like five boys I think and we got to be really close. She moved away to BYU and met her husband Ryan there. She also looked very beautiful at her reception and so happy. She has always been such a great example to me and I have looked up to her for a long time!The third and last wedding reception I went to this weekend was my cousin Allison Collins, now Blaskey. She lived in Tennessee all of our years growing up and then our first year of college she moved to Arizona to come to school at Eastern Arizona College where she met her husband Robert. I am happy for her that she found who she wants to be with, and out of the five cousins that are the same age, she is the second to get married, Jillian being the first. I guess the rest of us just aren't as lucky haha! Kandis and I are the last two girls and since Tarlton is leaving on his mission I guess that he is excused from being married haha!PS Here is a picture from my good friend Kim Bourgeous Pease's wedding reception back in November. The first one is me and her and the second one is me and her husband Ryan. Both great friends of mine now!!! Since I didn't have a blog then I guess I can stick it in with this one. Maybe I missed the memo on the whole wedding thing. Oh well maybe next time!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Anberlin Concert!!!!!

On Tuesday, my favorite band came to Tempe Arizona and a group of my friends and I drove there to see them! The concert was AWESOME!!! It was worth the drive that's for sure! My cousin and I absolutely loved it, even though I didn't stay up front for all the mosh pit stuff during the band that was headlining, Taking Back Sunday, I had a ton of fun when Anberlin was performing! Here are some fun pictures that we took at the concert. The pictures go from the beginning of the concert to the very end. Notice how retarded I look haha! The people that went with us were Jessica Russell, Kellie Taylor, Lyndee Hancock, Jeremy Cox, Danny Ziccarelli, and me! It was a blast!! The next time they are somewhere close I'm going again! I really want to go when they are headlining though...maybe next time they will be!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

MRI and Results

Okay. I had my MRI done on Friday of last week and then I left Saturday morning for Girls Camp so I didn't get my results until Thursday. Let's start with the MRI though. I called the doctors office last Thursday afternoon to schedule the MRI and they called me Friday at about 2 and told me the earliest opening that they had was at 4:45 that evening to go get my MRI done. So I said that I could come in at that time and I went in and it was a ton better then the CT scan but I still didn't like it. I felt too claustrophobic and I was in there for 10 minutes or so, maybe more I don't really know. I left the hospital at 5:30. It took them two pokes this time to find a vein good enough to start the IV and I couldn't even tell when they injected the contrast material. I would suggest an MRI over a CT scan anyday haha! So anyway I went to camp, which was an interesting experience in itself, I can write that later when I have the pictures. I called the doctor when I got home and he called me back and said that the MRI just showed that I have some extra blood vessels on my liver, the disease is called hemangioma, and I need to go in and have an ultrasound done in a year just to make sure that it isn't getting any worse or bleeding out or anything. So I guess I'm going to live! There is my scary health story from the past two weeks.