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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weddings and Receptions

This past weekend was very full of friends getting married and going to receptions. The first reception I went to was on Friday night and it was for my good friend Cathy Burrell, now Kieffer. She got married on Thursday June 11. She is such an example to me and she is awesome! She looked very beautiful and happy at her reception! The first two are of Jessica Cathy and me and in the last picture we allowed Jerryd to jump in also!The second wedding reception I went to was Briana Ward. Briana and I went to High School together and she graduated two years before I did. One summer we had a pioneer trek for church and Briana and I were the only two girls in our "family" with like five boys I think and we got to be really close. She moved away to BYU and met her husband Ryan there. She also looked very beautiful at her reception and so happy. She has always been such a great example to me and I have looked up to her for a long time!The third and last wedding reception I went to this weekend was my cousin Allison Collins, now Blaskey. She lived in Tennessee all of our years growing up and then our first year of college she moved to Arizona to come to school at Eastern Arizona College where she met her husband Robert. I am happy for her that she found who she wants to be with, and out of the five cousins that are the same age, she is the second to get married, Jillian being the first. I guess the rest of us just aren't as lucky haha! Kandis and I are the last two girls and since Tarlton is leaving on his mission I guess that he is excused from being married haha!PS Here is a picture from my good friend Kim Bourgeous Pease's wedding reception back in November. The first one is me and her and the second one is me and her husband Ryan. Both great friends of mine now!!! Since I didn't have a blog then I guess I can stick it in with this one. Maybe I missed the memo on the whole wedding thing. Oh well maybe next time!


  1. maybe your next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh my heck, briana ward's wedding dress is my dream wedding dress andie pandie!!! i totally have it drawn in multiple notebooks. i want to buy it from her at this very moment. hahaha