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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

crazy life

Since I started nursing school, I have had quite the busy life. I really need to keep this updated, but I don't have any time!!! I'm so sorry!!! But since I just noticed that Kim hasn't blogged in longer than I have, I don't feel quite so bad. :) (just kidding Kim) Since nursing school has started, I have also decided to work two part time jobs. I didn't think that was going to be so bad, until I started losing sleep! I am so tired a lot of the time and doing my homework takes up so much of my time that I don't even have time to keep my house picked up! Luckily, the washer machine and dryer work so I can at least have clean clothes even if they aren't folded and put away into the drawers where they belong. Someday I will be all caught up!

I guess I can write a little bit about what we have been up to since school started in August. I have completed my clinicals for this semester. We had a really fun Halloween, where we dressed up (which I haven't done in years!) I was Dorothy and Chris was the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. So much fun! That night we went to a super fun party that our friends Zach and his wife Adri planned which consisted of bobbing for apples (which also has not been done by me in a long time!) And I beat Chris's time by like a lot! My time 8.4 seconds and Chris was in like the 20's I think. I can't remember the exact times but it was so much fun!! We also played the donut game where it is tied to a string from the ceiling and you have to eat it without hands. Not as much fun because it was hard for me, but we had a good time anyway. And then we played some games and ate food with our friends. And we haven't done anything with our good friends in so long because of school so this was a fun relief for us.

In September we went camping with some dear friends of our and their family. We haven't been camping since we were married and it was a short camping trip but we had a blast!!! We totally need to do it again!! We actually met this family since I have started nursing school, Melissa is in my class and we became like soul mate best friends since second block! We have had a lot of fun since school has started!! We are also excited for them to go through the temple and be sealed in December! It's going to be such a happy day!!!

We also bought our first couch!! It is awesome and I love it!!!

It has opened up our house a whole lot. I'm very pleased. We gave our old couch to a friend who is going to be married soon!! Adam and Maryana, that's probably going to be our wedding gift to you :) Just kidding we will get you something else too!!

Chris and I also had his sister and her kids do some fun things at our house this year for Halloween. Sadly, I couldn't be there because of my last clinical, but Chris took some pictures for me to live in the moment when I got home!

Aren't these kids so cute!!! I don't have a picture of the newest member of this little family, but when she gets blessed this weekend I will get a cute one!!!

One last thing I want to put before I end this post is I made these cute little monsters!!!
They were so easy and they added a little extra cuteness to our house for Halloween!

This concludes my update for now. I can't make any promises on how soon the next post will be because I have lots of homework to do and a test and final to study for. Hopefully those who were concerned about us will be reassured that we are alive and well!!! Until next time!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School is Back Again

I'm so sorry blogger friends. I have been a real slacker this summer. I have been organizing my house, working two jobs, visiting with family, and just enjoying summer while it lasts before I go back to school next week! And then I start the crazy schedule for H-E- double hockey sticks. No joke. I have a test the first day of school, an 8 hour day the 1st 3 weeks of school, and clinicals starting the second week of school. Talk about super gross! I'm going to be super busy, but luckily I have been going to Zumba at the Zero Cardio Club in Safford all summer (which is my second and part time job) and I love it! I'm taking it this semester so that is going to be my huge stress relief. The only good thing about having a stinky, busy schedule at the beginning of the semester is I will be done with my clinicals before November and all of my concept maps will be turned in before finals and all I will have to focus on is my Teen Clinic time and Community Service hours. And getting good grades so I can go onto the next block of course! So everybody, if you don't hear from me for a while longer, I haven't fallen off the world, I have just become a professional student again and won't be back for at least until May. Maybe I will update though every now and then, like when my sister in law has her baby and I have to show the baby off :) and when I pass important tests and do awesome amazing things during school. Or if I do any food storage things also. Just be patient for a little while longer my friends!!

This song.

I heard this song on the radio this morning when I was traveling the two miles between jobs and it made me realize how lucky I am to be "somebody's Chealsea" Also, Reba McEntire's voice is just amazing in any song that she sings anyway. I hope you like this song as much as I do!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I want to Make...

I have really been in the mood to do Christmas stuff because when school starts up again I won't have time to be crafty! I found these cute things online today and loved them! I love the spooky for halloween, my only problem is I have no place to put these if I make them! :( I guess I will have to wait for a while until I actually have a fun place to decorate.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home Improvements/ Last Post for Today

When school got out this semester, I told Chris that the only thing I wanted to do was to paint our bedroom. So the week after school got out, I used our 50 dollar gift card from Home Depot to buy some beautiful paint and got to work. I don't have any before pictures, all I have is after, but I love our room now! It is just one more step to making our home more ours!!! Next we get to redo the bathroom and I'm going to try to talk Chris into letting me paint the kitchen red. I will have to elt you know how that one turns out!

I love our bedspread! That's all.

This cute craft I created with help from my friend Kim Pease. If you want to know how, let me know and I can try to find the link for the tutorial. It was super easy and turned out so cute, but I modified it to what I wanted it to be. And I love how it stands out on my wall with our wedding photos next to it.

(The brown door with the mirror on it is eventually going to be white) The board hanging on the wall is the 13th article of faith. We made them one night at a Relief Society Meeting. Also, don't look too closely at the mess on my dresser. It isn't there anymore I just wanted to take my picture then!

Here is a picture of my window. I love the curtain sham that came with our bedspread. I had to repaint the windowsill because it was so gross! And now it looks AMAZING!

This is our bedroom makeover. It looked exactly the same before, only it had boring white walls and these nasty brown colored doors, which I didn't get a picture of but I should!! Now it is awesome and I love it so much!

The Big 2-3

Chris' birthday was yesterday and I wanted to make it a special day for him. So I woke up and I made him his favorite breakfast. Breakfast burritos.
Yum Yum. And then I took him to work and while he was at work I made him his most favorite dessert, cherry cobler for his birthday cake. (He didn't know I was going to make this, he guessed it before we got home to eat it, but I was excited.)

I was sad because the cobler was too hot and the candles were melting, so Chris didn't get to blow out birthday candles on his birthday. But I did get a picture of the candles in the cake before they melted too badly. And we had blue wax sprinkles in our dessert. Oh well! After I made Chris' cobler, I went to go and pick him up at work and we went to the golf course to practice our putting and chipping skills. Then his parents took us out to eat at Casa Manana. MMM our favorite!
Here is the picture of Chris with his cobler before we started serving it. You can see the wax spots in the cake! (Sad face here) Next year I will make it perfect though!! Then came time for the present opening.

I gave him a hand blender (AKA bean masher) because his real present hasn't come in yet!! This was just one to tide him over. I also got him a head massager which is awesome! And some fancy argyle socks (which he loves to wear to church with his suit.)
My mom got him so nice new shirts for work.
And our friend Adrian gave him an apply cider Martinelli, magnets, handcuffs, and a card came called Fact or Crap.
From his parents he got some golf balls, a new golfing hat, and a towel to use to wipe his clubs off when he is golfing. All in all, I think he had a pretty great day!!! That night he went and hung out with his brother Jacob while I went to sleep haha! Happy 23rd birthday Chris! I hope it was a good day for you!!


This last semester, Chris decided he wanted to pursue his hobby of golfing, so him and his dad decided they were going to go once a week and play a round of golf. Chris bought me a set of golf clubs, which I wasn't thrilled at all about when he first bought them but now that I have actually used them, I'm more okay with it. Chris bugged me and bugged me and bugged me until I could go. I told him I couldn't go during the semester because of school so we waited until after school got out and I went with them. I was terrible at first, but once I got into the hang of it, I actually had a lot of fun, and I score lower than Chris did his first time golfing which I'm pretty excited about.
Needless to say, once I actually get really good at golf, I may be able to beat Chris. That's all!!

Dinosaurs Oh no!!!!

 On the day the world was predicted to end, we celebrated Chris' nephew Curtis' birthday. It was a dinosaur themed birthday party and it was so much fun!!! We went to the Phoenix science museum and they had a dinosaur theme thing that they did where the kids made fossils and looked for dinosaur eggs and they had a blast! I went down the night before to help Anna make the birthday cake. We weren't exactly sure what we wanted to do, but we had an idea so we went off to the store in search for our idea to create an awesome dinosaur cake! We got home and made the cake the next day (because we were too tired when we got hom) and the next day started decorating it. It looks so cute and we left to drive to the science center in downtown Phoenix for the party and got stuck in traffic. When Anna got to the party, this is what the cake looked like...

The end of the world happened on Curtis' birthday cake!! Anna and I were devasted, but everybody else thought that it was supposed to be that way because of the awesome volcano that we made haha! So I guess it wasn't such a disaster after all. Then came time to blow out the birthday candles....

I won't say names, but the little boy on the left was picking his nose right before I took this picture haha!!!

Blow hard Curtis!!!

Here is Cheyenne waiting for her piece of cake.

When the party was over, the kids all had party favors and this is what we saw

Little dinosaurs everywhere!!! We had a blast at the party and I wish that Chris could have come with me, but you gotta do what you gotta do. And this trip, Chris couldn't make it. Maybe next year he will be there!

Relay for Life

The weekend before finals was Relay for Life. For nursing school we have to have a certain amount of community service hours, and any extra hours that you have counts as extra credit. So Chris and I went to the Relay for Life (which we do every year anyway so it wasn't a very big deal) but one of our friends was selling marshmallow guns and so Chris went over and bought one for me and one for him. The guy was super nice and even though mine wasn't painted, he let me pick the colors that I wanted and painted it for me! It turned out SAWEET!! I wanted it to be pink, but they didn't have pink so instead we used red and silver and black and it turned out awesome. Then Chris and I had a small marshmallow war during the middle of the relay. It was fun! I didn't have my camera, only our phones so its a terrible picture but we had a blast with those guns!
I love this man!

Finals week and Bowling

I don't know about anyone else, but when finals week comes around, I am a stressed out little girl! This semester I was so close to not passing with my final test that I was extra stressed out. I kept pacing my house and cleaning things that I had already cleaned and I couldn't calm myself down! Chris finally told me to sit down until I had to leave and just relax. I went and took my final and the room was FREEZING!! And I was also nervous because I had to pass this test. So as I was sitting there, I just kept praying I answered the questions right. (My final was on the computer and once you answer a question, you can't go back and change it. Extremely stressful when there are ALWAYS more than one right answer in one single question. Dang nursing school anyway!!) So I answered my last question and I closed my eyes, said a silent prayer and clicked the button. When I answered my eyes, I saw my score and I said (outloud) YES I PASSED!!!!!!! And then I said, oops sorry guys! cause there were still people testing. My teacher came over to where I was testing and told me to print out my scores and then she would do the exit interview while I was there. I said, Okay. (I really didn't want to have to retake this block. It was a very stressful block for me!)  Anyway, when I got home, Chris said, "You need a break. How about we go out to eat and then we will go to my class so I can take my final." I said, "Okay surprise me on where we are going to go." We hopped into the car and we ended up at the bowling alley! For those who know me, I always lose every game I ever play against Chris!! Not that I'm bad at games or anything, I just always lose against him. Well, that day was different! I KICKED HIS TRASH!!! It was pretty dang awesome I'm not going to lie! Here are the pictures to prove I won!

The first game neither one of us broke 100 points. I told Chris that my goal in the next game was to break 100 points!!!
The second game we both broke 100 and I almost lost! It was a close game!!
The third game my goal was to break 150 points, I didn't quite make it but I still beat Chris by a longshot!!
The last game was me playing by myself. We had a few extra minutes left on our time and so I was playing under both mine and Chris' name. I was awesome on that game! I got 5 strikes and several spares, which again, NEVER happens! I told Chris that it was because I was stress free about my final being over which is why I did so good and he was stressing about his final that we were going to next!

We went to his final and his ACED it! That's my man right there. So we both passed our classes after a very stressful semester. So glad that it is now summer break and we can enjoy life for a few weeks without school. One year down, One more to go!! Yahoo!!!!

Oscar, the dog

One weekend, I was hanging out at my mom's house and my aunt called and asked me where my mom was and all I heard my mom say was, "I want a boy one." I asked her what was going on and she said that she was getting my brother a puppy. I was like, uh who are you and what have you done with my mom?!! So my aunt comes over with the CUTEST little puppy I have ever seen. He was so little he was smaller than my cat! We named his Oscar. He is a chocolate lab and when we got him he was exactly 6 weeks old. Now he is getting into everything and is getting bigger but the tricks we have taught him are to sit, give a handshake, and balance on his back two legs. He is actually great at all three tricks! Here are some pictures of the little fellow when we got him!

How cute is this little guy?!!
His new friend Reese's Pieces.