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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home Improvements/ Last Post for Today

When school got out this semester, I told Chris that the only thing I wanted to do was to paint our bedroom. So the week after school got out, I used our 50 dollar gift card from Home Depot to buy some beautiful paint and got to work. I don't have any before pictures, all I have is after, but I love our room now! It is just one more step to making our home more ours!!! Next we get to redo the bathroom and I'm going to try to talk Chris into letting me paint the kitchen red. I will have to elt you know how that one turns out!

I love our bedspread! That's all.

This cute craft I created with help from my friend Kim Pease. If you want to know how, let me know and I can try to find the link for the tutorial. It was super easy and turned out so cute, but I modified it to what I wanted it to be. And I love how it stands out on my wall with our wedding photos next to it.

(The brown door with the mirror on it is eventually going to be white) The board hanging on the wall is the 13th article of faith. We made them one night at a Relief Society Meeting. Also, don't look too closely at the mess on my dresser. It isn't there anymore I just wanted to take my picture then!

Here is a picture of my window. I love the curtain sham that came with our bedspread. I had to repaint the windowsill because it was so gross! And now it looks AMAZING!

This is our bedroom makeover. It looked exactly the same before, only it had boring white walls and these nasty brown colored doors, which I didn't get a picture of but I should!! Now it is awesome and I love it so much!

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