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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finals week and Bowling

I don't know about anyone else, but when finals week comes around, I am a stressed out little girl! This semester I was so close to not passing with my final test that I was extra stressed out. I kept pacing my house and cleaning things that I had already cleaned and I couldn't calm myself down! Chris finally told me to sit down until I had to leave and just relax. I went and took my final and the room was FREEZING!! And I was also nervous because I had to pass this test. So as I was sitting there, I just kept praying I answered the questions right. (My final was on the computer and once you answer a question, you can't go back and change it. Extremely stressful when there are ALWAYS more than one right answer in one single question. Dang nursing school anyway!!) So I answered my last question and I closed my eyes, said a silent prayer and clicked the button. When I answered my eyes, I saw my score and I said (outloud) YES I PASSED!!!!!!! And then I said, oops sorry guys! cause there were still people testing. My teacher came over to where I was testing and told me to print out my scores and then she would do the exit interview while I was there. I said, Okay. (I really didn't want to have to retake this block. It was a very stressful block for me!)  Anyway, when I got home, Chris said, "You need a break. How about we go out to eat and then we will go to my class so I can take my final." I said, "Okay surprise me on where we are going to go." We hopped into the car and we ended up at the bowling alley! For those who know me, I always lose every game I ever play against Chris!! Not that I'm bad at games or anything, I just always lose against him. Well, that day was different! I KICKED HIS TRASH!!! It was pretty dang awesome I'm not going to lie! Here are the pictures to prove I won!

The first game neither one of us broke 100 points. I told Chris that my goal in the next game was to break 100 points!!!
The second game we both broke 100 and I almost lost! It was a close game!!
The third game my goal was to break 150 points, I didn't quite make it but I still beat Chris by a longshot!!
The last game was me playing by myself. We had a few extra minutes left on our time and so I was playing under both mine and Chris' name. I was awesome on that game! I got 5 strikes and several spares, which again, NEVER happens! I told Chris that it was because I was stress free about my final being over which is why I did so good and he was stressing about his final that we were going to next!

We went to his final and his ACED it! That's my man right there. So we both passed our classes after a very stressful semester. So glad that it is now summer break and we can enjoy life for a few weeks without school. One year down, One more to go!! Yahoo!!!!

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