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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Relay for Life

The weekend before finals was Relay for Life. For nursing school we have to have a certain amount of community service hours, and any extra hours that you have counts as extra credit. So Chris and I went to the Relay for Life (which we do every year anyway so it wasn't a very big deal) but one of our friends was selling marshmallow guns and so Chris went over and bought one for me and one for him. The guy was super nice and even though mine wasn't painted, he let me pick the colors that I wanted and painted it for me! It turned out SAWEET!! I wanted it to be pink, but they didn't have pink so instead we used red and silver and black and it turned out awesome. Then Chris and I had a small marshmallow war during the middle of the relay. It was fun! I didn't have my camera, only our phones so its a terrible picture but we had a blast with those guns!
I love this man!

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