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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Big 2-3

Chris' birthday was yesterday and I wanted to make it a special day for him. So I woke up and I made him his favorite breakfast. Breakfast burritos.
Yum Yum. And then I took him to work and while he was at work I made him his most favorite dessert, cherry cobler for his birthday cake. (He didn't know I was going to make this, he guessed it before we got home to eat it, but I was excited.)

I was sad because the cobler was too hot and the candles were melting, so Chris didn't get to blow out birthday candles on his birthday. But I did get a picture of the candles in the cake before they melted too badly. And we had blue wax sprinkles in our dessert. Oh well! After I made Chris' cobler, I went to go and pick him up at work and we went to the golf course to practice our putting and chipping skills. Then his parents took us out to eat at Casa Manana. MMM our favorite!
Here is the picture of Chris with his cobler before we started serving it. You can see the wax spots in the cake! (Sad face here) Next year I will make it perfect though!! Then came time for the present opening.

I gave him a hand blender (AKA bean masher) because his real present hasn't come in yet!! This was just one to tide him over. I also got him a head massager which is awesome! And some fancy argyle socks (which he loves to wear to church with his suit.)
My mom got him so nice new shirts for work.
And our friend Adrian gave him an apply cider Martinelli, magnets, handcuffs, and a card came called Fact or Crap.
From his parents he got some golf balls, a new golfing hat, and a towel to use to wipe his clubs off when he is golfing. All in all, I think he had a pretty great day!!! That night he went and hung out with his brother Jacob while I went to sleep haha! Happy 23rd birthday Chris! I hope it was a good day for you!!

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