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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Football Games and Grandpas...

Lately after work I have been going over to my brother's football games. Bradley is in 8th grade and is like the 2nd biggest kid on his team and loves playing football. He is the one that kicks into the goalpost after they make a touchdown and does pretty much all the kicking anytime the ball has to be kicked and he is getting so good! Everytime I go to his game I drive up and this is how I can find my family...

My grandpa and his friend Steve Black sitting up on top of the bleachers so they can see better! Today while we were watching the game, my sister Erica and I were sitting in front of them listening to what they were saying and all of the sudden I hear Steve Black say, "They are slower than cold tar!" I was thinking, what is he talking about? Then he says, "Look at how slow they pass the ball to the quarterback. They need to be more like quicksand, not cold tar!" I was still thinking, Cold tar? Where did that even come from?! And it was so funny! I was laughing pretty hard! They were saying other stuff like, "Bradley only take one step. The blocker is going to get there first, I knew it, his legs are so long he needs to only take one step and then kick it." And other things like that. It's pretty much the most intertaining thing in the world to listen to these two old friends talking about middle school football! Here's my handsome brother in his football uniform! I know he looks older than me, but he's not!

A little background on my brother and my grandpa. Every Saturday they wake up really early and go to the "coffee shop" with my grandpa's friends and their grandsons. There are three friends that have grandsons that are in the exact same grade and they are all friends also, which is going to be a fun tradition if the grandsons stay in Thatcher and stay friends. Anyway, they are all really close and after the game Steve went up to Brad to give him some good "kicking" advice and all the other grandsons gathered around also! Such a neat sight to see!

Pretty much Thatcher creamed Morenci. Sorry Morenci, better luck next time! (Oh and Bradley kicked 4 our of 6 of his extra points...I don't know what they are called but they are the ones right after the touchdown!)

Then it was time for the team huddle and quick talk afterwards. My brother loves playing this sport and I love going to watch him play! It's going to be a great season!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Legally Blonde.

This weekend my roommate Jessica and I went to see Legally Blonde at Gammage Theatre in Tempe AZ and it was so great! I love going to see plays and this one was so fun! It followed the movie pretty much the same but it was better because it has music and dancing and fun stuff!! If anybody has seen it, my favorite person was the UPS man for sure! Pretty much great! Once the play was over I drove to Buckeye to stay at Anna's house and I couldn't remember what house was hers so I turned around and figured it out and parked my car. I went inside and we talked for a while and then I was so tired so I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up to go to Chris's nephew little Jared's birthday party I had a ticket on my car for parking on the wrong side of the road...with a $40 fine. I didn't even know that was a bad thing! I just forgot which house was hers! At first I thought it was her husband Tracy playing a joke on me, but it wasn't his name on the ticket so it was a legit ticket. My first one and not even one I can brag about! That's what stinks! Oh well it's okay I guess.

Then we left Anna's house in Buckeye and drove to Glendale to go to little Jared's birthday party and I couldn't find Baseline! I drove north on the freeway instead of south. So I drove for twenty minutes out of the way then had to turn back and see where it was! Anyway, I ended up finding the Peter Piper Pizza and it was a good time. I loved seeing Chris's siblings that I haven't seen in a while and talk to them. After the birthday party it was Jared's fiancee's bridal shower...and I got lost going to that also!! I was looking for a stop light instead of a street sign so I drove about two miles down the road and then had to turn around. But I found it and it was great! I talked to Chris's mom and sister (Anna) and Jessica and we visited with some of the other ladies that were there also. It was fun. They are getting married in a few weeks which is exciting. I'm going back down for that also. After the bridal shower was over Jessica and I left and came home. And I didn't get lost coming home! So I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't drive in the city ever. Until after I learn where the streets are anyway.

Once we got home, we had a going away party for my friend Alyssa and her husband who are leaving to go to Oregon this week. It was fun to get everyone together and play some games and have dinner. I had a great time over there! It was a fun weekend, very eventful, and very fun!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Angle Moroni

So yesterday, the Gila Valley Temple put up the Angle Moroni. It was such an exciting day! I didn't get to see it being put up but I was able to drive by later and see it and the valley is so excited with the temple being built. My institute teacher, Brother Wright, challenged us to write down in our journal what an exciting day it is. For a little bit of history about Angle Moroni, he first visited Joseph Smith on the evening of September 21, 1823 in his bedroom. He came 3 times during the night and twice the next day. The last visit was at the Hill Cumorah on September 22, 1823 where Joseph Smith saw the gold plates. Every year for the next three years Joseph went to the Hill Cumorah to receive instruction from Moroni. On the fourth year he was able to obtain the plates. It is very exciting for the Angle Moroni to go up on such an eventful day in church history. It will be remembered in our valley as a special day.

Photos courtesy of and the people who put them on there for everyone to enjoy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chuck Wicks Concert!!

Tonight was the Chuck Wicks concert. Pretty much one of my newest favorite country singers (next to Kenny Chesney, who is my absolute favorite!) The concert was fantastic and I loved it! At the very end, all I wanted was a picture next to the bus and after my picture was taken we noticed that Chuck Wicks was next to the bus getting ready to go inside so we were lucky enough so sneak a picture with him! It was great fun and I was so excited! He is a great entertainer! Nick Nickelson opened his show and he was also great! Here are some pictures.

so I realized....

I really miss this guy. Only about 10 more weeks until he gets home. It's so exciting!

Funny Story

Okay, real quick, since this is kinda my journal also...and it's way funny, I'm babysitting for my parents this week, well Monday night, and I'm in school all day long on Monday. I picked my brother up from football practice at 5 and we went home and when we walked into the house it smelled soo bad. I asked Julia, "what did you burn?" She said, "...Well, I was making macaroni and I forgot to put the water in it and now it stinks!" I just started laughing. And the house still stinks, it's awful but it was hilarious!

Anberlin Concert

So this past weekend, my roommate Jessica and I, and my cousin Jeremy and his girlfriend Bri, and our friend Jordan and his sister Krista went to a concert in Tempe. Anberlin was playing and so were six other bands. The other bands were Authority Zero, Augar Rush, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, Fall Out Boy, and Blink 182. I was only there to see Anberlin but we stayed and watched all the other bands also. Anyway, Jessica and I got there before everybody else did so we watched Augar Rush and then Jeremy called and told us he was there so we went and found him and found Jordan and Krista also. So then we all went and finished watching Augar Rush and when they were all finished the crowd turned away and we got pretty close to the front. Jeremy and Bri got closer than all the rest of us (lucky them! you will find out why...) Once Anberlin started playing some stupid drunk black man...and I'm not racist, he was just black, started a mosh pit right next to me. I was so mad! He ran into me and about pushed me over and if Jordan hadn't been standing next to me I would have fallen right on my face. So he ran into me again and Jordan and Jessica pulled me back in between them. Then a whole bunch of people were pushing and shoving and I was getting pushed around and I finally gave Jeremy's water bottle (cause he thinks I'm his mom I guess) to Jordan and started pushing back. Then some nice guy I don't know stood in front of my and pushed them out of the way. The good thing about that was I got pushed back far enough so I could see the band! And there were no tall people in front of me so that was good! Once Anberlin was done, we were all so thirsty so we went and bought some water and then we were just chilling and half of our group listened to a local band while Jessica and I went to go and stand in line to meet Anberlin and take a picture with them. Once we got up there, they were signing a lot of things so some were looking down when we took the picture, but that was okay. I got to talk to them! It was great!!! I was so happy! After we met them we went back to listen to the band that was playing. It was Slightly Stoopid and by this time everyone was high and drunk and I didn't like this band. We were about halfway to the stage and there were so many people standing next to me and I was so claustrophobic so I left by myself to go to the outside of the crowd and I went to buy my brother a Fall Out Boy T-shirt. After I bought the shirt Fall Out Boy was playing so I went to record the music for him and I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and I thought it was going to be some weird drunk guy asking for someplace, but it was Jordan. He made his way out of the crowd and then a few minutes later Jessica texted me and told me she was making her way out of the crowd because she got trampled and almost died and then we went to find Krista and our group was back together. A little while later we found Jeremy and Bri also so we just chilled and talked for a little while. Then Blink 182 came on and since they are Chris's favorite band I thought I would stay and listen to them so they played their first song and after they (well all the bands did except for Anberlin) started saying the F word and some other things I didn't wish to stay and listen to so Jessica and I decided to leave. We listened to about 4 of their songs while we were walking back to my car. Other than being really tired and almost dying!! we had a great time! We got to see our favorite band and it was GREAT!!! I was sooo happy!!