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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Angle Moroni

So yesterday, the Gila Valley Temple put up the Angle Moroni. It was such an exciting day! I didn't get to see it being put up but I was able to drive by later and see it and the valley is so excited with the temple being built. My institute teacher, Brother Wright, challenged us to write down in our journal what an exciting day it is. For a little bit of history about Angle Moroni, he first visited Joseph Smith on the evening of September 21, 1823 in his bedroom. He came 3 times during the night and twice the next day. The last visit was at the Hill Cumorah on September 22, 1823 where Joseph Smith saw the gold plates. Every year for the next three years Joseph went to the Hill Cumorah to receive instruction from Moroni. On the fourth year he was able to obtain the plates. It is very exciting for the Angle Moroni to go up on such an eventful day in church history. It will be remembered in our valley as a special day.

Photos courtesy of and the people who put them on there for everyone to enjoy.

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