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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Football Games and Grandpas...

Lately after work I have been going over to my brother's football games. Bradley is in 8th grade and is like the 2nd biggest kid on his team and loves playing football. He is the one that kicks into the goalpost after they make a touchdown and does pretty much all the kicking anytime the ball has to be kicked and he is getting so good! Everytime I go to his game I drive up and this is how I can find my family...

My grandpa and his friend Steve Black sitting up on top of the bleachers so they can see better! Today while we were watching the game, my sister Erica and I were sitting in front of them listening to what they were saying and all of the sudden I hear Steve Black say, "They are slower than cold tar!" I was thinking, what is he talking about? Then he says, "Look at how slow they pass the ball to the quarterback. They need to be more like quicksand, not cold tar!" I was still thinking, Cold tar? Where did that even come from?! And it was so funny! I was laughing pretty hard! They were saying other stuff like, "Bradley only take one step. The blocker is going to get there first, I knew it, his legs are so long he needs to only take one step and then kick it." And other things like that. It's pretty much the most intertaining thing in the world to listen to these two old friends talking about middle school football! Here's my handsome brother in his football uniform! I know he looks older than me, but he's not!

A little background on my brother and my grandpa. Every Saturday they wake up really early and go to the "coffee shop" with my grandpa's friends and their grandsons. There are three friends that have grandsons that are in the exact same grade and they are all friends also, which is going to be a fun tradition if the grandsons stay in Thatcher and stay friends. Anyway, they are all really close and after the game Steve went up to Brad to give him some good "kicking" advice and all the other grandsons gathered around also! Such a neat sight to see!

Pretty much Thatcher creamed Morenci. Sorry Morenci, better luck next time! (Oh and Bradley kicked 4 our of 6 of his extra points...I don't know what they are called but they are the ones right after the touchdown!)

Then it was time for the team huddle and quick talk afterwards. My brother loves playing this sport and I love going to watch him play! It's going to be a great season!

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