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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Girls Night Out!!!!!

(Left to right) Collette Upshaw, Erica Sandoval, Andrea Ferrin, Kandis Ferrin, Sandra Upshaw, Jessica Russell, Cathy Kieffer, Alyssa Packer, and Tiffany Pennell
So last week I got a text message from one of my high school friends Cathy Kieffer and it said "Girls night at my house while Jerryd is in class. Bring food and fun!" (Or something along those lines...Basically it will be fun and only girls!) And I said, "Oh that will be so great, and I'm so excited!!!" So the week went on and I got a text on Tuesday night reminding me (thanks for that Cathy...I totally spaced and would have forgotten completely!!!) and I got so excited!!! It was going to be such a grand party with all the girls from high school (even though some are old married farts...and one is a MOM the time flies!) Anyway, I show up and we are talking about life and school and marriage (for the married ones) and then we decided to take lots of group pictures...which were great fun!!! I love these girls and I'm so excited we had a girls night! We have been planning it forever it was just a matter of getting the time and planning it! Here are some of the crazy fun pictures we took!!
I think only some of us got the crazy memo...
Crazy faces everybody!!
Now the cute smiles.
Big pointed star and spirit fingers!
I so did not want someone pretend picking my nose...
Blowing kisses
I think this one was supposed to be sexy but I'm not sure.
The kissing blooper one...

The awesome collage that Tiffany made (sorry I stole it from your blog...couldn't resist!!)

Pretty much our party was a blast and we enjoyed it very much. Pictures to come soon of my crazy cousin Kandis and I at the party after not seeing each other for a very long time! (Trust me, we get a little weirdie!!!)

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