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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

crazy life

Since I started nursing school, I have had quite the busy life. I really need to keep this updated, but I don't have any time!!! I'm so sorry!!! But since I just noticed that Kim hasn't blogged in longer than I have, I don't feel quite so bad. :) (just kidding Kim) Since nursing school has started, I have also decided to work two part time jobs. I didn't think that was going to be so bad, until I started losing sleep! I am so tired a lot of the time and doing my homework takes up so much of my time that I don't even have time to keep my house picked up! Luckily, the washer machine and dryer work so I can at least have clean clothes even if they aren't folded and put away into the drawers where they belong. Someday I will be all caught up!

I guess I can write a little bit about what we have been up to since school started in August. I have completed my clinicals for this semester. We had a really fun Halloween, where we dressed up (which I haven't done in years!) I was Dorothy and Chris was the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. So much fun! That night we went to a super fun party that our friends Zach and his wife Adri planned which consisted of bobbing for apples (which also has not been done by me in a long time!) And I beat Chris's time by like a lot! My time 8.4 seconds and Chris was in like the 20's I think. I can't remember the exact times but it was so much fun!! We also played the donut game where it is tied to a string from the ceiling and you have to eat it without hands. Not as much fun because it was hard for me, but we had a good time anyway. And then we played some games and ate food with our friends. And we haven't done anything with our good friends in so long because of school so this was a fun relief for us.

In September we went camping with some dear friends of our and their family. We haven't been camping since we were married and it was a short camping trip but we had a blast!!! We totally need to do it again!! We actually met this family since I have started nursing school, Melissa is in my class and we became like soul mate best friends since second block! We have had a lot of fun since school has started!! We are also excited for them to go through the temple and be sealed in December! It's going to be such a happy day!!!

We also bought our first couch!! It is awesome and I love it!!!

It has opened up our house a whole lot. I'm very pleased. We gave our old couch to a friend who is going to be married soon!! Adam and Maryana, that's probably going to be our wedding gift to you :) Just kidding we will get you something else too!!

Chris and I also had his sister and her kids do some fun things at our house this year for Halloween. Sadly, I couldn't be there because of my last clinical, but Chris took some pictures for me to live in the moment when I got home!

Aren't these kids so cute!!! I don't have a picture of the newest member of this little family, but when she gets blessed this weekend I will get a cute one!!!

One last thing I want to put before I end this post is I made these cute little monsters!!!
They were so easy and they added a little extra cuteness to our house for Halloween!

This concludes my update for now. I can't make any promises on how soon the next post will be because I have lots of homework to do and a test and final to study for. Hopefully those who were concerned about us will be reassured that we are alive and well!!! Until next time!!!