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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Outfit for Collette's Wedding!

One of my best friends from high school is getting married in December and she asked me and couple of our other good friends to dress in her colors when she gets married. Her colors are red and black and of course I told her I would dress in her colors. So I go online and I find the cutest skirt in the whole entire world on on sale which is the best thing ever. And I love it so much!
Well then Collette and I were trying to find the perfect sweater to go with the outfit because she is getting married in the beginning of December and in Snowflake and it's cold then and probably will be snowing so we decided to go with a winter sweater. This is the one we found which we liked a lot only we got it in this beautiful red color that matches everything else and it was also on sale, which is a big plus!
And then I was thinking, you know, you can't really wear a new outfit with some old nasty shoes that won't match and so I went to and I found these super cute flats (only they weren't on sale, oh well!) that would go great! I got the other girls to like them also and so we are all probably going to have matching shoes and sweaters!

And lastly, since it is going to be cold there, I thought that some nice red leggings would complete the whole outfit! I found these great leggings at Charlotte Russe for only $3.99 and thought that was a great find for wanting to wear them only once probably! And this is my outfit for when Collette gets married. There may be a little flower in the hair or a bow that matches the red but we will see when it gets closer to the wedding! I'm pretty excited to wear my new outfit though!

Oh and PS the day that Collette gets married is the day that Chris comes home. Pretty much yeah, I'm excited! and I can't wait!


  1. aww cute outfits!! I can't wait either!! It's going to be a blast and we have to take lots of pictures and stuff!! yay! oh and thanks for ordering those for me, I'll pay you back soon!

  2. you guys are going to look so cute!