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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fruits of our Labors...

Some may ask what my sister and I are doing in this picture...Let me tell you a little story.

Every October we always go over to my Popa's house and pick the pomegranates off of his tree. This year was no different. I have been wanting to learn how to make pomegranate jam so I wanted to go and pick some. We woke up early this morning (conference morning) to go and pick some so we could juice them and stay awake during conference. We drove over to Popa's house with 4 five-gallon buckets and 3 containers to fill. We helped him completely clean one tree of all pomegranates on it (even the bad ones) to feed to the cows. The cows knew the fruit was coming to them so they lined up along the fence waiting for us to throw the fruit over for them to eat! It was pretty much hilarious. The cows started mooing when they were waiting for their fruit and I started making up dialoge for them and my grandpa just looked at me like I was crazy...and I almost got eaten by a big spider that my brother wouldn't kill for me! That was no fun!! We got all of our buckets full and we came home and started working. Here is how you make pomegranate jam. It's a pretty long process. First you pick the pomegranates. Then you put the pomegranate on the pan and cut it in half. Next you get the juicer. You put half the pomegranate on the juicer. You pull the handle on the juicer. Squeeze the juice into a measuring cup. Get a gallon bottle. Strain the juice into the bottle. Freeze the juice when bottle is full. When you're ready to make the jam, you get the recipe and jar it! We haven't gotten to that part yet. We had to many other things to get done during the day.

Erica and I were just starting. Little did we know that we had almost four hours of work in front of us!

We had this many pomegranates to juice plus two other containers as big as the one in the front overflowing with them. Altogether seven things of pomegranates!

Funny story. About halfway through juicing the pomegranates we heard this weird scratching sound outside our back door. My mom walked over and looked out the window and said, "oh my goodness, look at this you guys." So we went over and saw some quail sitting in our cat food moving it out of the bowl and on the ground so the other quail could eat it also. It was so funny! We had to take pictures of course! And they left a huge mess behind them!

My brother and I cutting and juicing the pomegranates!

All the juice we did. Ten and a half gallons which equals lots of jam! Yum Yum!!!

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