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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our New Little Kittens

I got these kittens from my coworker about a week ago and they are so much fun. They are really hyper all the time and that is why I love kittens...although my big cat Harley doesn't like them so much. That's okay. The little orange one is the only boy and his name is Tank, because he is huge! The next picture is my kitten and her name is Little Gray Kitten (for lack of my creative juices and that's probably what it's going to stay even when she gets big!) The last kitten is Amber and she is a pretty black calico cat with orange spread all throughout her. Then there are some group pictures of them sleeping, which is what they do when they aren't playing or eating! They have been a ton of fun! My dad doesn't like them so much, but oh well!


  1. That kitten video was stinkin' hilarious!! haha I loved it. But were they really moving the door or was someone doing that and it just looked like they were. ?? hehe sneaky

  2. i was moving the door back and forth because they were trying to play witheach other under the door and so i was mixing it up! it was fun though1