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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Final Playoff!

Bradley had his last game of the season yesterday. It was a playoff game between Safford and Thatcher. They played each other last week but it was a tie game so they had to have a playoff for placing or something. So they decided to put the ball on the 10 yard line and each team had 4 downs to make a touchdown and a goal and whoever had the highest score at the end won. Safford got the ball first. They made a touchdown on their first down and they tried for a 2-point conversion. Thatcher completely trashed them on that play! Then Thatcher got the ball. They went to the other side of the field and it was our turn to have our 4 downs. We made a touchdown on the 4th down and my brother did a PAT (which means point after touchdown...I learned that the other day!) and IT WAS GOOD!!!! Thatcher won the playoff and it was great! Only what was even better was the "planned" play was to overthrow the ball and have Safford almost intercept it and then have little Nathan be behind them and jump up and grab the ball in the endzone! Only it wasn't really planned that way but that's what happened and it was great and exciting! My brother was very happy!! Especially since his field goal went in. (At least I think that's what it is called!) The worst that Thatcher can place is 2nd place and the best is to be tied at 1st place with Safford and Morenci. We will know that tomorrow!! Wahoo! Good season Thatcher Middle School Football Team!!!

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