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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kim, this one's for you!!

Okay my pictures aren't in order, but I did my best. The last picture is supposed to be first and until I can figure out how to get it there, its going to stay at the bottom for now!! So let's start there! First you start off with your million pounds of potatoes. Okay, not really, but thats about how many we had this time around so thats what we did.

Then you peel the skins off of the potatoes. (and yes, I wasn't very happy about doing this job!!)

Here I am, still peeling away the skins!

Then you wash the potatoe under water, it doesn't matter if its hot or cold, you just want to get any dirt off that got on the potatoe from the skin while peeling.

Then you cut off all the bad places on the potatoe.

These next two pictures are mixed up. First you want to dice them up and put them into a bowl of water so that the potatoes don't turn brown.

The potatoes chopped up on the cutting board. Be careful not to cut your finger!

Here is one box of potatoes that I had. We had a whole other box of potatoes we had to can as well!

Then you put your potatoes into your canning jars and put them in your pressure cooker. You pressure them at 15 pounds of pressure for 40 minutes, and it take about 60 more minutes before you can open the pressure cooker! So when you can potatoes, make sure you have nothing else going on during the day so that you can monitor your pressure cooker!!!

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