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Monday, August 17, 2009

Middle of the Night Roommate Stories...

Too bad this one is about me and it's the first one that has happened. On Saturday my roommate Katie Layden from Holbrook moved in YAY!!! We had a fun time with her. We stayed up really late us three girls (me, Jessica, and Katie) and I'm the party pooper that goes to bed early. Anyway, my nightly ritual is between one and two in the morning I have to wake up to go to the bathroom because I drink a ton of water right before bed. Last night I went to bed at like 10:30 because I was so exhausted. Jessica and Katie stayed up I don't know how late but I woke up a little after one because I had to go to the bathroom...nightly ritual remember? So I got up and I don't remember getting up but I remember wandering around mine and Jessica's room and I couldn't find the bathroom! I was so turned around and so lost. Somehow I got over to Jessica's bed and I don't remember touching her but all of the sudden a hand grabbed my arm!! I freaked out (because it's dark and we were watching a scary TV show before bed and I didn't really know where I was) and she was like "Andie, what are you doing?" And I just said, "Jess I can't find the bathroom!" She was like "It's over there Andie." So I started walking away and I turned around and said, "Will you turn on a light so I can find it please?" So she turned on her cell phone and it lit the hallway so I knew where I had to go to get to the bathroom. I woke up the this morning and I asked her, "What was I doing last night?" She just said, "I wondered if you would remember." I said, "I remember I couldn't find the bathroom and you scared me when you grabbed my arm and then you turned on a light." She just started laughing and told me that I scared her when I touched her arm, I just said, "Well you scared me when you grabbed my arm!!" We had a good fun laugh this morning in our trailer!

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