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Sunday, August 9, 2009


This weekend has been full of missionaries getting ready to leave to go to the MTC. The first one is my best friend Jason Shelton. He has been my friend since forever! and we are really really close. We spent the entire afternoon together the day that he got set apart, only before he got set apart! He is going to Ecudar and reports on August 12.
The second missionary leaving this week is my cousin Tarlton Ferrin. He is going to Argentina and also leaves on August 12. On the Ferrin side of the family there are five cousin's that are born about every six weeks apart. We call ourselves the quints. We got our last group photo for two years after Tarlton's talk today at church! He will be a great missionary!These first two pictures are by age, starting with me born in august, then allison in october, kandis in november, jillian in january and tarlton in april.

Tarlton is in the middle. He loves all of us!!
We all love Tarlton and he is going to be a fantastic missionary!

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