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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years

Last week Chris went up to Tucson to build a toybox at his grandpa's house while his dad had a doctors appointment. I went up there on Thursday to hang and "help" build the toybox, which was helping to rotate the box when needed haha! That was difficult for me because the toybox was just about an inch shorter than I am. It's a pretty big box and it looks great! We had a good time hanging out with his grandparents and just chilling. While Chris was working on a shelf that his grandma wanted made, there was a javelina that ran in front of him and he was like what the heck?! So we went looking and there were four javelina just chilling in his grandparents backyard. So we got a picture of that. On New Years Eve we watched the ball fall at midnight, which was a first for me. I have never stayed up long enough to watch it! And I don't have TV which makes it kinda hard to watch also. So that was fun. Then we went to bed and finished the toybox in the morning. On Friday night, his grandparents took us out to dinner at Micayos, which was delicious. I had never eaten there before either and we had a fun time and got some good pictures! On Saturday we drove to Buckeye for Cheyenne's birthday party and Kim's baby shower. I don't have any pictures from either of those but they were really fun and we had a blast on our mini vacation!

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