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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break Vacation

So for Spring Break this year my family and I took a road trip up to Oregon/Washington. It was lots of fun but it was a long drive there and back. And everyday that we planned to go somewhere it was either snowing or raining or hailing. So we didn't get to see all the things we wanted too...especiall Mt. St. Helens (it was snowing really bad that day and we were almost snowed in on the mountains.) So that was a disappointment but other than that we basically saw everything that we wanted to. We went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and got some ice cream (which was delicious) and we also saw Multinomah Falls and we went to the Bonneville Dam too. And the fish place...that was kind of weird and we saw this ginormous fish named Herman. We also saw some old family friends named Steve and Inez Griffels. When we went to the coast we saw this tree...well it's named the "Octupus Tree" and it has lots of arms coming off of it. It also had a sign that said not to cross over the fence, but Erica and I did anyway cause our mom dared we had to! You can see how huge the arms were! Look how tiny we look trying to hug the branch! Then my mom, Erica and I took a picture of us in front of the tree.Anyway these are some pictures from our trip that was really fun but really long!!

Maybe I will post more pictures later! But this is all for now!


  1. I've been to the Multinomah FALLS!! Sounds like you had fun!!!