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Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Past Week...

Last weekend was Stake Conference. It was amazing of course and at the end they handed out these pass along cards with a picture of the Gila Valley Temple on it. We were issued a challenge to pass it along with friends that aren't members. On Friday this past week we had a fireside. It was Elder Richins who is in the 70. He talked to us about avoided temptation and not resisting temptation. It was an amazing talk and I am so glad that I went. That night we also went to Relay for Life. (I have no pictures because my battery was dead in my camera.) Saturday we went bowling. It was very fun!!
Today it was my best friend Adam Wright's "farewell" talk. He talked about peace and the ways that he can achieve that. He is such an inspiration to me and I'm going to miss him so much! When he first moved to Thatcher High School his dad told me that he just wanted to go back to Safford so I made it my goal to become a good friend of his so that he would want to stay at Thatcher instead of going back to Safford. We were in the same ward and had a few classes together and we ended up becoming really good friends. We were seminary presidents in the same class our senior year and we had to work together a lot and during college we became really good friends. He is one of my best friends now and I am so happy that he is going to serve a mission in Belem Brazil. He is going to be an amazing missionary! I'm very proud of him for living his life right!!

Also this week I moved out of my house! I'm living with one of my other best friends Jessica Russell. We live in a trailer out in no man's land and it is fantastic! We love living on our own even though it is quite a change. As soon as we get it cleaned up a little bit I will post some pictures!
As soon as more things happen I will post them! This was my past week in a nutshell!

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