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Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Meme!

So last Saturday was my grandma's, aka Meme, birthday. It was so much fun haha! My aunt Tammie is here from Indiana so her kids were down playing with the cousins and I hung out with all the aunts pretty much while the little kids swam. It was pretty much a blast! At the end of the night we decided to have a talent show. The little girls all sang and I had to help them sing some of the songs so you can hear me in the background. pretty much it was HILARIOUS!!!! I just about died during some of the songs. My aunt Tonie and I had a pretty good laugh. Especially when Meme decided to get up and show the little girls how dancing was supposed to be done! Bahaha! It was great! Here are some pictures and videos!

Ty with his goggles on going swimming!

Ty and Aunt Terrie. All we wanted was a cute picture...

All Ty wanted to do was pick his nose!

Julia, Allison, Elizabeth, and Belle swimming.

And the silly face picture (I love Julia's face in this one!)

Dancing around in the water...

I don't really know what Allison was doing in this one...

Ty talking to somebody! I don't know who took this picture.

Driving like a racecar driver!

Ty playing in the box.

Getting cousin Bradley in was a trick...

And Daniel was just funny!

Ty made a slide out of the box. It was hilarious!

I have never seen a boy so terrified of frogs before. He would not get near it at all!

The video of the frog!

We told Ty to give us a thumbs up...He gave us a pow pow instead!

Me getting ready to watch the talent show!

Me and my favorite cousin Belle!

The girls singing Love Story by Taylor Swift to Meme.

Julia and Allison singing and Belle running in front of them.

Allison, Julia and Elizabeth.

Meme dancing with Ty!

Me and Meme. Happy Birthday!!!

PS. The videos of the girls singing and Meme dancing took to long to upload and i got tired of waiting so maybe I will try again soon and see if they will upload faster! Enjoy the videos here though!

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