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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nauvoo Vacation

This summer for family vacation we took a road trip to Nauvoo Illinois. Our whole family went plus Laura aka 5th child. It was a lot of fun and a really long drive. When we were in Nauvoo we went to lots of great places, like the Brick Yard, the Blacksmith, the Family Learning Center, the Scovil Bakery, and lots of others. We went to the Brigham Young house and the Heber C. Kimball house, which are great grandfathers to us. (You know great great great....) Before we left we walked down the trail of hope and read all of the plaques that are along the trail. It was amazing to see what the early saints went through for our church. I'm very grateful that they did. It was a very fun trip. We got lots of fun pictures all week long haha!
Here are a few of the 1000+ that we took! :) We were able to go to the Nauvoo Pageant and after it was over I got a picture with the people that played Joseph and Hyrum Smith. Our cousin Andrew was also in the pageant and it was his last night so we got a picture with him. It was really fun and the pageant was amazing!

These pictures are of us waiting to watch the show Sunset on the Mississippi, which consisted of lots of talent and jokes and laughter. We laughed through the entire show but before we were bored so we got some awesome pictures of the family! Needless to say, we had a good time!

Yes this is what I had to deal with the entire trip....
This is where we all get our good looks from. Just keep scrolling down. It gets pretty good! Welcome to the Ferrin family! :) In all it's glory!We did baptisms for the dead.

Then we went to the Brick Yard. This is the whole group.

Then we were on our way to Carthage Jail.
We got a little bored on the way....
Open Mouth Smiles!
Then we were there.
This is in the pantry that Brigham Young built outside.

Behind the statue in front of the temple. I love this picture because even though Joseph and Hyrum weren't able to see the temple finished, they were looking forward to it being finished and receiving the blessing that come from the temple.
In front of a statue that was by a store.
Me and my family in front of the Nauvoo Temple before we left.
And then with Laura
That was our trip in Nauvoo in a nutshell. We had a ton of fun and it was a great trip. We didn't want to leave because there is such a peaceful feeling there. It's a great place to visit and I can't wait until the next time I am able to go!

PS. Kim I know your probably going to comment this...yes I know I am the shortest of almost all of my family members and I'm the oldest....I get it all the time! :)

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  1. you are right.. you are short.. but so am I! Just makes things easier when finding a husband.. you dont have to search for a super tall one so he can be taller than you.. Just makes life soo much easier! I havent talked to you in like a month.. Things have been sooooo busy here! Its unreal! I'll text you soon!