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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

John Deere Museum

While we were in Nauvoo, one day we took a trip to the John Deere Museum that was about an hour away. We took some awesome pictures and had a blast! Here are the pictures from the John Deere Museum. (Sorry these posts are picture overload, but everyone who knows me knows I take a ton of pictures on trips!)

We were ignoring the warning and danger signs on the tractor :)
The tires were gigantic! Haha!

My sisters and I.

The kids plus Laura
The three amigos!

Once we were done looking at all the tractors and taking the pictures that we wanted, we went into the store and I bought the John Deere Jenga game. It is just like normal Jenga, only to figure out who is going to set the tower up has to make the best tractor sound and the person who makes the tower fall has to make barn animal noises while the tower is being set up again! And it has a dice that you role to tell you what color of block you have to remove. It is really fun! Here we are playing it back at the hotel!

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