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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Okay, so I didn't want to be one of those people who gets married and then the next day is blogging about it, or on facebook, however, I did love one of our wedding photos so of course I got on facebook to put it on there! :) And we didn't go on a "honeymoon" so I didn't feel too bad being on facebook. And I waited until Sunday. Anyway, back to the wedding. It was PERFECT! And we are so happy! I think my favorite part of the whole day was being able to sit in the celestial room with Chris before the sealing and just relax and think about what we were going to do. And then we went into the celestial room and I was scared because I didn't know what was going to happen, and then it was over and it was great and we were married!! We changed our clothes and came to our reception. We got back to the house and made a plate of food and ate something really quick. I didn't finish eating my food because people were showing up a half an hour early! So I went outside to go and greet people and Chris stayed in the house to finish eating and then he came and joined me. Everything turned out so perfect and the weather was great and everyone loved the decorations and it was perfect! We enjoyed the reception and afterwards Chris remembered he had to take a test online haha! Great wedding night story right? Anyway, we went and saw our car that his sister and brother and other family decorated and we went to the hotel! I wish that I had my pictures back from the photographer. All I have are a few that my cousin took with my camera and there are only a few that have Chris and I in them (mostly when we were cutting the cake) so as soon as I get the pictures back I will post them, but Chris and I are married now and its great! Also, if you want to see some pictures, go here and you can see some! The ones I have seen so far have turned out fantastic and I can't wait to see more! Hope you are excited too!!

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