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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Night Story...

Chris and I didn't have time to go on a "honeymoon" so we stayed at a hotel in town for the night. We were supposed to have a honeymoon suite thing where the hotel leaves sparkling cider and chocolate/snack stuff in the hotel room and it was supposed to be decorated all cute or something. I'm not really sure because when we got there, it was a regular hotel room. Nothing special about it. So in the morning at breakfast, we went and talked to the receptionist about it and she felt so bad! We weren't mad or anything and she gave us the stuff that was supposed to be in the room anyway. So when we went back up to pack all of our stuff and check out to go home, I hurried and decorated the table. We are going to go on our real honeymoon hopefully in December to California! That's the plan anyway!!

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