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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Pictures

These are just a few of my FAVORITE pictures that were taken by the amazing David Palmer. To see more of his pictures go here. Our day was perfect! Even the weather was great! Hope you enjoy the pictures! There will probably be more to come also, I have more on a different camera, but I forgot the camera cord somewhere and I can't remember where I put it!

Coming out of the temple as Mr. and Mrs. Carrell.

 Cheyenne ran up to Chris and I right after the sealing. She asked me, "Andrewa, why do you have flowers?" And I told her, "Because I'm a princess today."
Then later, she saw a picture of Chris and I in our wedding clothes, and she told her mom, "That's Andrewa as a princess, and Christopher!" I love that little girl!!

Everyone that was there!

My side of the family

Chris's side of the family.

My parents and my mom's parents

My parents, Chris's parents
Me with my mom and sisters! They are the best!

Me and my father!

What daughters do best right?

My parents

Me and my mom.

My dad, brother, and husband

My wedding cake turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! And it was delicious also!

So, just now I realized that we didn't get any pictures of Chris with his parents, siblings, grandparents, ect. Dang! I guess its a good thing we took Carrell family pictures earlier that day!

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