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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Project (Hopefully)

I was reading my friend's blog and she had this great idea to write down the good things that happened to her during the day so she can see the little blessings. I think that is a great idea! So I'm going to try this. It probably won't be everyday but I'm going to try and do this as often as I can. I'm going to start for yesterday, February 9.

1. Having a good coworker that is willing to help out whenever I get overwhelmed.

2. My best friend getting the notes for me at class when I got off work late and was late for class!

3. Being able to get dressed up in my old prom dress to go to our Relief Society Meeting with Mt. Graham 4th Ward. (Love these girls! I need to try and see if I can get a picture from the event!)

4. Our AWESOME shadow leaders making a delicious Valentine's Day Dinner for all of the Relief Society Meeting!

5. Sister Crockett being amazing and finding the most delious strawberries in all of Gila Valley for our chocolate heart cake and chocolate covered strawberry dessert. It was super delicious and I loved the strawberries! I wonder where she found them when they aren't in season right now?

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