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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cousin's visit at Grandma's House!

Okay. These are me and my cousins that came to visit from Oklahoma! My favorite little cousin is my cousin Alannah and she was nutso when she was here!! I couldn't believe how crazy she was! I have an awesome video of her new names of me and Kandis, but I don't know how to upload a video since I changed my settings and updated it but whenever I figure out how to do that, I will upload it. But she changed both of our names to "Andis." Pretty much our names were too similar for her! But she is still cute! Also, my cousin Emilie is so much taller than me! I just can't believe it! I still give her all my hand me downs though and the shirt that she is wearing is a shirt that I gave her. Their visit was way too short and I didn't get to see them as long as I wanted too, but hopefully they come back soon!

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