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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update for Those who Care

Which is probably actually everybody that reads this blog. I know I'm not very interesting and my life is pretty boring, but I do some fun things every now and then. I've been getting lots of comments from people that I see, on facebook, and now in blog comments! My mom has been asked a million katrillion times the same question also so I'm going to clear up any confusion right now. Chris and I still are NOT engaged. I know it's been forever since he's been home/we've been dating for four years...blah blah blah. What's the holdup? School is stinkin expensive. That's all really. He keeps telling me that it should be soon that we will be engaged and we want to be married hopefully by the end of the year. We will see how that goes though. Maybe by the end of May we will be engaged. We don't know when we will get married, but it will happen! Just keep being patient! I had to wait for two years before he got home, and now I'm still waiting to be with him forever. When we went to the temple, we were talking afterwards and both mine and his favorite room was the sealing room. I think we were both imaging what it is going to be like when we actually get married. It's still kinda weird for me to think about getting married. Am I already that old?! Am I ready? I hope so because it's probably coming up pretty soon! Anyway, for now just keep checking back! I promise to keep everyone updated and hopefully everyone will know before I even post about it! Keep watching for a fun post of me and my cousins having a good day chillin at my grandma's house!

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  1. oh your ready to be married! Married life is great! Its just like living with your best friend and being around him all the time!! Yes, you are old.JK!! So excited for you!