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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today I woke up to my mom telling me, Andie you need to come up here. I was like, uh okay that is kind of strange so I went upstairs and I went outside and I could hear my dad up in the roof moving around saying "here kitty kitty..." And my mom said, "Momma kitty had her babies!" And so I climbed up the ladder and I got momma kitty out of the roof and gave her to my mom on the floor and I asked my dad how many kittens there were. My sister swore up and down that there were only going to be 4 kittens...and he said "Well, I can find only 5 so I hope that is how many there are..." WHAT THE?!?!?! That was a ton of kittens! Then when we got the kittens in a box and momma kitten in there, my mom said, "I think she has at least one more baby in there." I said, No way, she already has 5 of them she can't have another one. Well, low and behold, I got to see the 6th one born! It was pretty exciting stuff. So now we have 2 adults cats and 6 baby kittens. My house is going to be known as the house at the end of the road with the old lady with a million cats! Fun times. Pics to come soon!

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