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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wedding Plans

So just to keep people updated, Chris and I still don't have a date picked out. We still need to have a meeting with his parents and my parents at the same time. However, we do have what our colors are going to be. Our colors are going to be pink and brown, and we are going to probably have like an ice cream/brownie type of reception/open house. It is going to be casual. We are going to get married in the Gila Valley Temple, mostly because it's close and that way we only have a few families that have to travel instead of a ton of people who have to travel. Also, what are people's thoughts about having like a family dinner the night before so that way Chris and I have some time to hang with the family and not be so stressed on the wedding day trying to finish the reception stuff, taking pictures, and spending time with family? Good or bad idea? We have also started typing up addresses for announcements. I think next week sometime we will probably go somewhere and take some pictures for announcements. Our house colors are going to be: kitchen; black and red, bedroom; still undecided, but probably browns with some highlights of pink or something like that. bathroom: brown and blue. and the family room; well I have a red and green kinda couch so it will probably be with those colors. That is what I am thinking. And the guest bedroom/storage room is going to stay white. We still don't have a cake or anything like that. We also need to find somewhere where we can borrow some round tables. That is going to be a hard one too. We have some things for decorating that people are going to let us borrow which is great! Pretty much, we are excited to get married, we just need to hurry so we can get married! I will keep everyone updated though!

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