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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Year Supply

So I have had this idea rolling around in my head for quite a while. How can I use my blog to share my beliefs? Well, I decided that I will just tell you what I believe! I believe in having a year supply of food and i believe in having an emergency supply of everything that you use on a regular basis. Even though Chris and I aren't married yet, we have started on our year supply. So far we have; green beans, peas, corn, cream of chicken/mushroom soup, tomato/chicken noodle soup, some pork and beans, some tomato sauce, some flour, sugar, rice, beans, some hamburger, jelly, green chili, potatoes, beef, some spagetti noodles, fettacini noodles, elbow noodles, lasagna noodles, macaroni and cheese, ramen, some jello packs (vanilla/chocolate), some cool aid, peanut butter, hormel chili beans, salt and pepper, miscellaneos spices, cake and brownie mixes, I have wheat and oats on order from the church cannery, and several other items.

So, how did I get started? I shopped the sale items. Last week, a local grocery store had peanut butter on sale 2 for 4 dollars plus a one dollar coupon off. So it was really 2 for $3. What a steal! That is an amazing price! I also bought some chicken alfredo sauce too with the same deal. A lot of grocery stores here have buy 10 for $10 dollars, which is usually a steal also. Some other things that I do is I check my prices. If I go to Wal Mart and I know something is on sale at the grocery store, I see how much it is at Wal Mart and compare prices. Same with any store I am at. I also do a lot of canning. Out of the items I listed above, I have canned the green chili, jelly, hamburger, beef, potatoes and some beans. Chris and I are also going to plant a garden for this summer and we are going to eat a lot from our garden and our year supply. Granted, it's not a lot of food, but we have plenty to get started.

I don't think that people realize how easy it is to start a year supply on a limited budget. There was a story I read one time in an Ensign about a lady who lived in England and an apostle went there and asked her what her year supply was like. She was embarrassed and didn't want to answer him. He asked her again and she shyly admitted, "I can only afford one can a month." He looked at her and said, "Sister, as long as you keep getting one can a month, it will be enough." One trick that I have done is I save $10 dollars from every paycheck and I go and get something that will benefit me in my year supply. Sometimes, I just have to bite the bullet and spend more because I know Chris and I won't be able to afford food once we are actually married and both going to school. Already, we feel a lot less stressed about how we are going to afford food. especially with gas and food prices going so high. So everyweek, I'm going to try and post something that I have done during the week for my food supple. And I hope that it will help to motivate other people to get their year supply. Even if it might just be a quote from a person about having a supply of food. It is important to me and my family and I want it to be important to yours also.

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